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Thread: I think i found a Great Deal on a HK MR 556 A1

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    That is not bad. I expect these to go up again soon due to so few being produced a year. I would jump on it like a "duck on a junebug".

    You will find this funny. I was in a Pawn shop at Myrtle Beach. They had a PS90 for $3999.99 used.and a Tavor for $1999.99 very used condition. Got to talking to the guy and he asked what I shot. Told him the DD,RRA, CMMG, and Hk MR556A1. He said "it's a shame you don't have that Hk with you, I'd give you $1500 store credit for it... I laughed and said " I bet you would". He went on to say that they were not selling well and that militaries all around the world had dumped them for the "New" DPMS like he had...... I said "oh well guess Hk had a good run of them then. He also said that because of this Hk was looking for companies to invest in them or they were going bankrupt.. LOL.

    I love how people, no matter where you go, cannot stand it if someone has a firearm that is better than theirs. It happens when people start talking about how they had an Hk or Sig but sold it to buy a Jiminez, because they were more reliable and accurate...

    Buy that Hk if it is what you want. They are one hell of a rifle. Mine impresses me every time I shoot it..
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    ^^^ My LGS can't keep the few he has received for more than a day, and he sells them for MSRP or even a few hundred bucks more. That guy at the pawn shop is a moron.

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    maybe that moron would like to earn a valuable commodity... like say a faithful customer... cant live forever on a couple extra bucks once, you're much better off with repeat business. Me and most others here would buy from him repeatedly if we could get deals like that.



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