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    Default New MR556 Purchased

    Just purchased a new MR556. Do I need to break in the barrel? I've watched a few good views on you tube. I've seen some bad ones.
    Clean shoot, clean shoot etc. Please post some suggestions! What ammo should feed this? Please don't hammer me I'm new to the AR platform.

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    I would suggest staying off of youtube when searching for answers.

    No, you don't need to "break it in". Load it up, go shoot, and clean as needed.

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    Thank You, for your help !! Just purchased 1000 rds of winchester 556 55gr fire away.

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    I got my 556 last November. I too, was like that in the beginning. I only use the best reviewed ammo. Now that I know more about this gun from taking it apart, cleaning, and putting back together again, you can just tell this gun will fire anything.

    The site I use to buy ammo, I wont name, probably against rules, did a test with 5 different 556 rounds. steel, brass, cheap Russian ammo. they used 5 identical bushmasters. one of the steel ammo did not do very well. they ran it in a 416. no problems.

    The first time I took my VP9 to the range I told the guy to put to away from everyone because I had a new gun and was "breaking it in". Hes like what tou got there? he saw the HK box, and said ha don't worry. These guns don't need to be babied.

    I baby all of my guns, but theyre made to operate under conditions most will not even get close to.

    Enjoy, shoot the hell out of it.

    MP5SD 22LR

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