AAR - Long Distance High Angle shooting class with Accuracy 1st. PART A
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Thread: AAR - Long Distance High Angle shooting class with Accuracy 1st. PART A

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    Default AAR - Long Distance High Angle shooting class with Accuracy 1st. PART A

    LApologies for taking so long with this write-up/AAR. It has been crazy busy at work recently.

    Given there is so much to share, I structured the below based on a Q&A approach. Hope this format helps.

    I will admit that are a lot of things I didn’t/don’t understand fully. I’m guessing Todd didn’t want to confuse me about too many technical details. In other words, he made the complicated stuff simple concepts that I could understand and incorporate into my shooting.

    I put links to some of the stuff I purchased. Please note that I have NIL financial incentive. I am in no way shape or form associated with any company. I am simply novice long distance shooter that wanted/wants to buy the best value-for-money products. I hate wasting money on marginally better products that are 2 or 3 times the cost.

    1. Why learn how to shoot long distance?
    I guess a better question is why not?

    I hunt every once in a while. As much as I would like a wild boar at exactly 200M, standing broad-side towards me and perfectly still, things don’t always pan out that way. Ha!

    Even if shooting at a steel target instead of an actual hunt, there is something strangely addictive about shooting a steel target at 900M, but hearing the sound of “metal on steel” roughly 4 seconds later (takes ~1s to travel 900M assuming 2,600ft/s and ~3s for the sound to travel back to the shooter). A delayed reward in a world of instant gratification.

    Long story short, learning how to shoot long distance makes one a better long distance shooter (obviously). The knowledge and skills acquired (i.e. breathing technique, body positioning, hand grip, etc.) will also improve short-range shooting. Win-win!

    2. Who should I learn long distance shooting from?
    Going to throw a cop-out answer. It depends on one’s skill level, what one is trying to accomplish, the experience/skill level of the instructor, etc.

    There are tons and tons of great instructors out there including Tom Spooner from Northern Red, Walt Wilkinson as recently recommended by Larry Vickers, etc.


    Northern Red Training \\ About Northern Red

    I decided to go with Todd Hodnett from Accuracy 1st. If the British SAS, Polish GROM, FBI HRT, different SEAL teams from both East Coast and West Coast, different Green Beret/Special Forces Groups and a whole host of other Top Tier military personnel decide to learn from Todd, my logic is Todd is doing something right!

    I do like taking different classes from different instructors so I can learn from the different shooting gurus so I will probably take a different class the next time around.

    Obviously, who you should/can take a class from also depends on class availability, location of the class, how much time off one can get, etc.

    Bottom line, learning from a person who has been-there-done-that can only help and not hurt. I am a big fan of continuing education and learning how to shoot long distance is no different. Learn from a reputable long range sniper instructor and improve your long distance shooting!

    3. What background/experience do I have shooting long distance?
    Does one need to have been shooting long distance for XX number of years and with over YY number of 1,000 yard shots?

    Short answers is no.

    I pretty much nil long distance shooting experience before taking my 1st long distance shooting class in 2013. Longest I have shot is 300M, and that was like 20 years ago. The last 10 years, my shooting can be segmented into pheasant hunting about once a year (20 yards), going to the gun range a few times a year (mostly 100 yards) and continuing education classes once a year (mostly 100 yards). In other words, long distance shooting and me are like Jinny and Forest Gump. They do not mix well.

    To phrase it differently, no long distance shooting experience is required. The way I look at it, learning from an expert early on is better. Your mind is NOT clouded with incorrect concepts and the body does NOT have ingrained bad habits.

    On the flip side, you are probably wasting your money taking a long-distance shooting class if your 100M or 100 yard groupings are 20 inches wide. : )

    I did take a class with Pete Gould from Accuracy 1st in 2013. Pete, as previously mentioned, is a 30 year Green Beret/Special Forces vet. He was not only a sniper with the Green Berets, but a Green Beret Sniper instructor. This guy clearly knows his stuff. After 2 days of instruction with Pete in 2013, I could make 1st round hits up to 600M with my MR762 16.5” with SureFire Mini suppressor and Atlas bipod. This is with crappy XM80C ammo and with me shooting 300M more than 20 years ago.

    Recently, after 2 more days of instruction with Todd recently (late May 2015), I was able to shoot consistently with my MR762 13” Assaulter build with SureFire full length suppressor with Harris bipod our to 1,000 yards. I was shooting with Black Hills 175gr Sierra Match King OTM ammo able to make 50% to 60% of my 1,000 yard shots with a 4 to 8 mile 3 o’clock wind.

    Not bad for a person who made less than 200 long distance shot attempts prior to the recent long distance shooting class. In all seriousness, if I can do it, anybody can do it!

    4. What questions/concerns did I have?
    Prior to my first class with Accuracy 1st in 2013, I had ton of questions and concerns. I was definitely more educated after my 1st class, but still had a lot of questions.

    For my intended purpose, which is to hunt once in a while, shoot at paper targets at the range and be ready in SHTF situations….
    A. Weapon
    - Should I buy a semi-only carbine? Or should I buy a bolt gun?
    - If I buy a carbine, what length should it be? 16.5”? 20”?
    - If I buy a carbine, what brand and model?
    - If I buy a rifle, what length should it be?
    - If I buy a rifle, what brand and model?

    B. Caliber
    - Regardless of semi-only carbine or bolt action rifle, what caliber should I go with?
    - Should I go with multiple calibers?

    C. Ammo
    - Which ammo should I go with once I have made a choice on the caliber?
    - What brand?
    - What gr bullet weight?
    - Should I buy off-the-shelf? Should I hand load? Do I have the time/energy to hand load?

    D. Optic
    - The question I struggled with is “What is best value for money”?
    - Any rich dude can open a check book and spend $$$ on a S&B scope. The key is what is best value for money?
    - As an extremely value conscious consumer, I do not like wasting money on marginally better products.
    - To phrase it differently, why pay double the price if the optic is only 10% better?

    E. Equipment
    - What equipment are critical?
    - What is the best value for money?

    My first class with Pete cleared up a lot of confusion. Bolt action rifles with 20” barrels are great for shooting out to a mile. Then again, a 1 in 8 twist 14” carbine is capable of making cold bore shots out to 1,200M and still able to do CQB work. Win-Win!

    Combine the above with the fact that I am a hopeless HK addict, the idea of a MR762 13” Assaulter build was born. Once I saw the pic that Nsheers posted, I was past the point of no return.

    5. What are the critical pieces of gear for long distance shooting?
    To phrase it differently, what is the minimum I can spend and still be able to shoot out to 1,000 yards?

    A. Decent rifle/carbine.
    A Remington M700 is probably good enough for most folks. With a 20” barrel, it should provide roughly 2,600ft muzzle velocity. With decent ammo, the difference in muzzle velocity between one bullet to the next bullet should be minimal (20ft/s SD?).

    Outside of the two MR762s, I have two Remington M700s.
    Centerfire Rifle - Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD - Remington Centerfire Rifles

    B. Decent scope.
    We don’t need to spend US$5K on a S&B scope.

    That said a decent scope isn’t cheap. And if you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys.

    I spent roughly US$1.6K for each one of my Bushnell ERS scopes. Crazy huh? I was making 1,000 yards shots with a $1.6K scope. I'm pretty sure a more experienced shooter with better ammo can easily mark 1 mile shots consistently.
    Bushnell 3.5-21x50 FFP Elite Tactical HDMR with Horus TRMR2 Reticle and LT Mount | LaRue Tactical

    The Bushnell RDS or ERS can be had for $800, which is fantastic value for money.

    C. Leveler
    A lever is a must. Especially when shooting out to 1,000 yards or more. The hits are literally a few feet off when the rifle is cant.

    D. Good bipod
    Most folks use the Harris bipod. Some use the Atlas bipod. As long as the rifle is steady when shooting off sand, concrete, et.c
    Harris Bipod BRM-S and LT706 QD Swivel Mount Combo | LaRue Tactical
    Atlas Bipod BT10-NC and LT271 QD Mount Combo | LaRue Tactical

    E. Good ammo
    This is worth its weight in gold. I will provide pics later on, but shooting with Winchester vs. shooting with Black Hills were like night and day.
    Black Hills Gold | Product Categories | Black Hills Ammunition

    F. Range card
    Great if you can afford a Kestrel. If you don’t have a Kestrel, get a range card. Besides, anything electronic can break. So it is best to always have a range card with you
    Amazon.com : Kestrel 4500 Shooter's Weather Meter / Applied Ballistics Calculator with Digital Compass & Data Logging & Bluetooth plus Belt Carry Case : Sports & Outdoors

    G. Laser range finder
    In my humble opinion, this is what sets us apart. Technology is a game-changer.

    I can’t estimate distance to save my life. So I have no clue if the target I am shooting at is at 800M or is at 1,000M.

    A great value for money range finder is the one that I purchased. Not cheap at US$1K, but heck of a lot cheaper than the Vectronix laser range finders that are roughly US$4K.
    Amazon.com : Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile 12x 50mm ARC Binocular Laser Rangefinder with Matrix Display : Rangefinder Scopes : Sports & Outdoors
    Vectronix PLRF15 Pocket Laser Range Finder Black On Sale
    Vectronix Rangefinders - Vectronix for Sale!

    6. How can a newbie shooter like me shoot out to 1,000 yards after 2 days of instruction?
    I believe I am able to shoot out to 1,000 yards after basically 4 days of instruction because of a few simple reasons. BTW, these reasons are my observations. Nothing Todd or any instructors stated as a matter of fact.

    A. Technological improvements
    In the past a sniper was able to accurately gauge the distance. After all, a bullet will drop differently at 1,000M versus 800M.

    I cannot gauge distance to save my life. A laser range finder takes all the guesswork out so even a novice let me will get an accurate read on distance all the time.

    That said, if my laser range finder fails, I am out of luck. But an old school sniper will still be able to estimate the distance of the target accurately.

    In the past a sniper will have shot so many times, that his dope was spot on. BTW, DOPE stands for data on previous engagements. A sniper in the past will know by shooting a hundred times that a bullet will drop XXX feet at 1,200M. A sniper would have shot thousands of rounds at different distances to know how his bullet will perform at different distances, under different environmental conditions, etc.

    Without any experience, my Kestrel/range card will mathematically and precisely tell me exactly how many inches my bullet will drop at 1,200M.

    Bullet technology including improved aerodynamics help bullets fly farther and with better expansion capabilities.

    B. Improved manufacturing processes
    With some manufacturers producing super high quality ammo that are extremely consistent (xxx.xxx grams of gun powder per for every single bullet even if different production batches)

    C. Knowledge
    This is critical. This is where the shooting clinics like Accuracy 1st can not only educate you. But more importantly, they can observe how you shoot and point out all the simple and minor mistakes you make. Mistakes that impact the shot, throwing if off by a few feet at 1,000M.

    The way I set-up my rifle. The way I position my body. The way I grip my rifle. My breathing technique.

    All great snipers can shoot. A great sniper instructor will be able to very quickly help you correct your mistakes such that you are doing the right things and you have eliminated the bad things.

    7. What modifications and additions were done to my MR762 during my 1st class?
    For my first class I had my unmolested MR762 16.5”.

    I added the following to my MR762

    A. SureFire Flash Hider QD
    B. SureFire SOCOM762-Mini suppressor
    C. Atlas bipod with LaRue QD
    D. Bushnell ERS 3.5-21x50 scope. 34mm with FFP, Zero-stop and Tremor 2 reticle
    E. LaRue Optics QD mount
    F. Accuracy 1st leveler
    G. Geissele HK417 trigger
    H. Blue Fore Gear front sling attachment
    I. Blue Force Gear 2-point sling

    I had/still have the original MR762 handguard. And I had the original MR762 buttstock, which I since replaced with the G28 buttstock.

    Pretty much that was it. No BUIS, no RDS, no light, no ATPIAL and no vertical foregrip. It was a “simple” battle rifle for making 500M to 1,000M shots

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    Default AAR - Long Distance High Angle shooting class with Accuracy 1st. PART B


    8. What modifications and additions were done to my MR762 during my 2nd class?
    After the first class and after seeing HKPro member Nsheers’ MR762 12” Assaulter build, I decided to build a similar MR762 SBR.

    A. SureFire Flash Hider QD. No change. I switched to a SureFire Muzzle Brake, which is a disaster. Will detail later on
    B. SureFire SOCOM762-RC suppressor. NEW. Stupid me should have kept the Mini; got excited with BATF approving the RC
    C. Harris bipod. NEW
    D. Bushnell ERS 3.5-21x50 scope. 34mm with FFP, Zero-stop and Tremor 2 reticle. No change
    E. LaRue Optics QD mount. No change
    F. Accuracy 1st leveler. No change
    G. Aimpoint T-2 Micro RDS. NEW
    H. RDS attachment. Can’t recall what I bought
    I. Geissele HK417 trigger. No change
    J. Blue Fore Gear front sling attachment. No change.
    K. Blue Force Gear 2-point sling. No change
    L. G28 buffer tube. NEW
    M. G28 buttstock. NEW

    Given my MR762 13” Assaulter build is meant to be compact, I will dedicate my SureFire SOCOM762-Mini to this carbine. I will leave the full length SureFire SOCOM762-RC suppressor to my second MR762 that is 16.5”.

    I am indifferent between Harris bipod and Atlas bipod. Everybody seems to love the Harris. I really can’t tell the difference. : (

    9. What questions did I struggle with?
    I can honestly say that the only thing I struggled with is barrel length.

    I struggled with 12” vs. 13” barrel length. Original HK417 Assaulter was 12” with the new HK417 Assaulter 13” (just like the new HK416 shorty is 11” length instead of the previous 10.4” length).

    I decide on the 13” because loss of muzzle velocity accelerate as the barrel gets shorter. I hear rumblings that the 12” will not cycle properly without a suppressor, but I have yet to shoot without a suppressor.

    I will test out the MR762 13” Assaulter build the next time I go to the gun range and report back.

    Hopefully the 13” will cycle properly without a suppressor. Otherwise I might have to test out a 14” MR762. Yucks… That would suck…

    10. What steps are involved in building a MR762 SBR?
    Not very complicated actually

    A. Apply for SBR permit. Takes about 4 to 6 weeks with eFile
    B. Send lower to get engraved. Takes about 4 weeks depending on how backed-up the engraver/machinist is
    - IIRC, your gunsmith has to ship the lower back to your FFL.
    - It was a PITA to take apart the lower, but thankfully my gunsmith/FFL took it apart before shipping to the engraver
    C. Decide on what barrel length you want
    D. Send upper to machinist to get barrel shortened

    Once everything is done, you need to put together everything again. Not a huge hassle, but then again not a 5-minute exercise.

    11. How did the MR762 13” Assaulter perform?
    It performed beyond my expectations. I was able to shoot out to 1,000 yards consistently. Was making 50% to 60% of my 1,000 yard shots.

    I didn’t shoot 2 or 3 times and assume I would make 50% to 60% of my shots. I literally took my time and attempted 10 shots in a row. My buddy was counting off the hits.

    Once the elevation was dialed-in and the wind was blowing consistently, it was simply a matter of consistent shooting techniques including making sure the carbine was level.

    I won’t lie in that my mind was blown. Can you imagine? A 13” SBR able to shoot out to 1,000 yards in the hands of a novice like me. I can easily see a skilled sniper making 1,200 yards to 1,500 yards cold bore first-round hits. #MINDOFFICIALLYBLOWN

    Towards the end of the class, after I was packed-up and ready to go home, Todd asked me to shoot one more time while he observed me. I was already stoked that I could make 1,000 yard shots consistently that I didn’t want to end my class on a down note in case I missed badly, but I said what the heck.

    The farthest I had shot was 968M according to my laser range finder (975M according to Todd). Todd pointed out a target at 1,505M. For those of you counting, 1,600M is one mile. 1,505M was waaaaaaaay farther than anything I have every shot at in my life.

    With a bunch of other students standing around to observe me shoot, talk about pressure!!

    I looked at my Kestrel, and stupid me read 29MILs elevation which I later realized was wrong. I dialed my turret to 10MIL, which means I had to hold 19MIL for elevation in the reticle (29MIL less 10MIL turret hold). Todd made the wind call, and after taking a very short time to get into a comfortable body position, I checked my leveler and focused on my grip. Fingertips on the grip and thumb outside so that I wouldn’t accidentally torque the carbine, I took a few breadths and then checked my leveler one last time.

    After slowly exhaling, I slowly and calmly sent a round down range (Todd was constantly calling out the wind read every 5 seconds or so, which meant the wind call was pretty accurate vs. 30 second dated).

    Miss! Damn.

    Todd told me to adjust my elevation 5 MIL, which was crazy. I completely missed my shot.

    Second shot was pretty damn close.

    Long story short, I made my shot on my 3rd attempt. What an awesome feeling!

    Granted it was a huge target since I couldn’t see squat with the scope zoomed out to read 19MIL. That is why I am actively looking for an ammo that has higher muzzle velocity, higher BC (which means better aerodynamics) and together tolerances in terms of MV spread. Due to my slow muzzle velocity, I had to hold a much higher elevation (34MIL vs. my buddy had to hold 29MIL for his 16.5” ORB using the same ammo). That meant I had to zoom out to 15x??, which is hard to make out a bus at 1,505M let alone a human target.

    After I made my shot, I took a look at my Kestrel to figure out what went wrong. Stupid me was reading the elevation hold for a shorter distance (1,300M or 1,400M I can’t quite recall). The Kestrel was actually correct at 34MIL hold. Not sure why I read 29MIL hold

    If I had read my Kestrel correctly… If my shooting didn’t suck… If I had faster ammo… My buddy told me to keep my excuses to myself. : )

    Bottom line, the MR762 13” SBR is pretty damn amazing. Short enough to bring into a vehicle or chopper and short enough for CQB work (although a 308 round will probably pass through walls so maybe not ideal in that sense). Yet able to reach out to 1,000 yards easily and consistently; If I can do it, pretty much anybody can do it.

    I hope all you HKPro members with the MR762 exercise the heck of of your MR762s. They are capable of making 1,200M shots easily. Go shoot them!!

    12. What was the best part about the class?
    I was going to say the best part of the class was making back-to back shots in at 1,000 yards. That was a freaking awesome feeling. Watching the target move and hearing the sound of metal on steel gave me a pretty darn natural high.

    However, and in all honesty, the best part of the 2-day class is hands-down the vid of my buddy settling down and getting ready to make a 1,000 yards shot halfway through the second day.

    First pull, and he rang steel! What a glorious feeling.

    My buddy had never shot more than 200M in his life. After 2 days of tutelage under Todd, he was able to make a 1,000 yard first round hit the second day. Granted he was using Todd’s LaRue OBR 16” that was completely dialed in and with an amazing NightForce scope. But holy kow. 1,000 yards!

    I can't show the vid for a variety of reasons, but it shows me taking a second to register that metallic "ringing steel" sound. I turned around to look at my buddy and asked in a completely dumb-founded manner "Was that you?!" My buddy, who is a very calm dude and totally oppose of easily-excitable me, said in a matter-of-fact voice "Yep. That was me".

    I lost it there and then! The other students looked at me funny when I started laughing like a lunatic.

    The only reason we have a vid is because Todd’s son was nice enough to take a pic. I passed him my phone to take a few pics, and he decided to shoot a vid in addition to shooting pics. I can’t believe my buddy has a vid recording of making a 1st round hit at 1,000 yards. So freaking jealous!!

    13. What tweaks if any would I make after the class
    Without getting into too many details, I would make tweaks to the below. I learned a lot from my class, and there are tweaks to my gear that I wish to make. I also want to shoot long distance more regularly so I get enough practice.

    A. Carbine
    B. Ammo
    C. Others

    14. What does one need to bring to the class?
    Nothing. Just an open mind and a willingness to learn.

    Literally, Todd will provide everything including the LaRue OBR carbine with NightForce scope, Kestrel, laser range finder, spotting scope, shooting matt and even ammo.

    If you can show-up at his class, he can provide every single thing. Personally, I prefer to shoot with my own gear. However, if you want to “kick the tires” before buying any gear, you can show-up empty handed.

    Just make sure you coordinate with Todd in advance.

    I clarified a lot of stuff in advance of my first class so I showed-up with lots of gear that Todd recommended (with no financial incentive on his part). It felt good to shoot with my own “stuff”.

    : )

    15. What did I bring to the recent High Angle Long Distance shooting class
    Probably makes more sense if I described my kit/gear at my first class.

    No Kestrel and no laser range finder. Which is totally fine as I didn’t want to buy the wrong gear and be stuck with it. I attended my 1st class with specific question as to what I should buy (best value for money obviously) so that I could avoid junk gear.

    Unfortunately, I showed-up with crappy XM80C ammo.

    I think the only good thing I had going for me was the MR762 16.5” and a shooting pad. That was pretty much it

    For my second class, I came with pretty much everything including my own Kestrel, own laser range finder, etc. I wanted to know my gear inside out. I won’t lie in that the Kestrel confuses the heck out of me. Then again, I was never the sharpest knife in the drawer…

    16. What did I learn?
    There are so many useful things that I learned from the class. To summarize what I learned in 2 days into a few paragraphs would be a massive disservice to all of you.

    The two most important things I learned about long distance shooting are:
    A. Three common mistakes that all long distance shooters make.
    - The number 1 issue, which I did not expect was rifle cant.
    - Bottom line, get a leveler. Even a crappy one is better than none
    - The other 2 common mistakes, you guys should learn from Accuracy 1st or other sniper instructors

    B. Learn how to shoot with the 308 as it makes one a better shooter
    The 308 is pretty darn unforgiving when it comes to making bad wind calls.

    So learn how to shoot with the 308 caliber.

    And when it comes to SHTF situation, shoot with a caliber that is less affected by poor wind calls, easy to acquire rounds, easy to acquire spare parts, etc.

    And the answer is… Take a class with Accuracy 1st or any long distance shooting outfit. Hahahahahahaha.

    Hope the above was helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions. I learned so much from the HKPro community so anyway I can contribute back will be awesome.

    Pics to follow. Will post the same write-up on RelakJoe.com. Only difference is that it will have a ton more pictures. For all you gun porn addicts… : )
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    WOW--- thanks for taking the time to do this write-up--- it is very informative!!!


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    1. Getting the MR762 13” Assaulter build ready for the class

    A. Picture of the MR762 16.5” beside the MR762 13” with the shorty SureFire SOCOM762 — Mini suppressor
    B. Crazy huh? The OAL is pretty much the same. Maybe ½ or 1 inch longer

    2. A different angle/pic of the MR762 13”

    3. The HK with the MV measurement device attached

    A. Pretty neat huh?
    B. Super easy to install. And pretty idiot proof

    4. At the check-in counter

    A. Is it just me? Do you guys get nervous flying with firearms?
    B. As soon as the gun case is open, I tend to step back.
    C. Got a new gun case, but the damn TSA locks won’t fit
    D. So had to disassemble the MR762. Better than removing the optics and having to re-zero although the shifts are supposedly minimal with the LaRue QD mounts.

    5. Fellow students zeroing their rifles/carbines

    A. Lots of cool guns, optics and calibers!

    6. My turn to zero the HK

    7. The MR762 Assaulter build with some basic tools of the trade

    A. Laser range finder
    B. Kestrel

    8. The MR762 getting taste of fresh Utah air!

    9. With the spotting scope borrowed from Todd

    10. Me trying my hardest to ring steel at my first attempt

    11. View down the spotting scope

    A. Pretty neat huh?
    B. The target if IIRC was 700M away
    C. You could zoom all the way in and see a person’s features clearly at 1,000M

    12. Todd lazing a target

    A. Other students with their faces blurred out.
    B. After all, most of them can hit a head sized target at 1,000 yards
    C. No desire to piss any of them off! Hahahahaha.

    13. Close-up of HK MR762 and LaRue OBR

    14. Left the carbines and other gear overnight

    A. So less hassles to deal with the next day

    15. Another loaner LaRue OBR from Todd

    A. IIRC, Todd has 30 OBRs that he loans to students
    B. Imagine 1,000 rounds per month or 12,000 round a year
    C. Those OBRs are like sewing machines. Never skipping a beat!

    16. The HK hanging out with two OBR buddies

    17. Shooting high angle — Part A

    18. Shooting high angle — Part B

    19. Shooting high angle — Part C

    A. Me doing what I do best. Load ammo.
    B. I guess loading ammo is better than peeling potatos…

    20. Shooting high angle — Part D

    A. Don’t mess with them. These two look like they ain’t playing around!

    21. One last pic of the HK before packing it for the flight.

    22. Todd made a mistake

    A. I think he meant to write nice shooting at 150.5M… : )

    I'll post more pics of the MR762 Assaulter build on RelakJoe.com. For all you HK gun porn addicts!!

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    Outstanding AAR! Amazing how that gets the blood flowing...
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    Great AAR and writeup.

    I attended a Dual Use Carbine Class with Jack Leuba from KAC in February and he had me shooting out to 1000 yds. My previous longest show was 250.

    I'm really excited about this Assaulter build for the MR762. When you talk about better ammo, I'm assuming you're talking about using either M118LR, 175 GMMM or AB319? This is what I'm running through my 16" guns.

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    Really, really awesome of you to take the time to share all that info and great photos. Thanks!
    Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

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    Great share! Very cool of you to share all of that informative work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman1 View Post
    Great share! Very cool of you to share all of that informative work.
    @Batman1, bastardsonofelvis, MichaelVain, Misnlink, AGG..
    Glad you guys found the write-up informative. I struggled with a lot of questions regarding gear and whether I should take a class given how little long distance shooting experience I had.

    Bottom line, no experience needed. I do suggest some shooting as you will have a ton more questions at the class.

    The more important conclusion is that the MR762 is an extremely capable carbine. Even with my barrel reduced to 13", the MR762 was very capable of making 1,000 yard shots at body sized targets.

    The student beside me with a Creedmore 6.0 was making head size shots every other second at 1,000 yards be it prone position or sitting position, but that's a different story.

    I wanted to ask him to jump on my MR762 so I could witness the true potential of the MR 762 when a skilled shooter was pulling the trigger. But I was having too much fun. : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelVain View Post
    Great AAR and writeup.

    I attended a Dual Use Carbine Class with Jack Leuba from KAC in February and he had me shooting out to 1000 yds. My previous longest show was 250.

    I'm really excited about this Assaulter build for the MR762. When you talk about better ammo, I'm assuming you're talking about using either M118LR, 175 GMMM or AB319? This is what I'm running through my 16" guns.
    What were you shooting with up to 1,000 yards? I assume the MR762 16.5" but wanted to confirm.

    Regarding better ammo, I'm looking at ABN ammo that uses Berger bullets. It has 7% better Bullet Coefficient than my Black Hills 175gr Sierra Match King OTM (which is essentially "free" velocity) and the SD is 10ft/s as every cartridge has its gun powder individually weighed before being filled. Compared of SD of 20ft/s for the Black Hills.

    I was only gunning for 175gr, but was convinced to test out 168 gr, 175 gr and 185gr. They say it is true that a particular rifle will end up liking one type of ammo better. As much as I am convinced 175gr is better than 168gr, I was asked what happens if I shoot .25 MOA with 168gr and 1MOA with 175gr? Sure a 175gr is more lethal. But a miss with 175gr is still a miss. The most important thing is putting rounds on target be it 168gr or 175gr or 185gr.

    Anyhows, I ordered a few cases of each. I'll test them out for muzzle velocity out of my MR762 13" and MR762 16.5". And see how they perform at 100M and 600M (farthest my range goes to).

    I'll be more than happy to share those results as well.

    FYI,knowing me I just won't have the time, energy and patience to hand load. I'll rather buy a large batch of ammo from a highly respected manufacturer. Maybe I'll get better performance if I hand load, but I suspect the increased value will be marginal compared to the huge hassles.
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