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Thread: Time to get in the HK rifle game

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    yeah do the LRP I and do your own thing to it

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    Time to get in the HK rifle game-img_1598.jpgTime to get in the HK rifle game-img_1589.jpg

    Stock MR762
    Atlas Bipod
    Factory Correct 417 flip up front and rear sights from Adam Weber
    Surefire SOCOM Flash Hider for SF SOCOM300SPS Suppressor whenever that actually shows up
    Troy Modular Vertical Grip FDE - I love these the way they look and feel.
    Magpul FDE ladder covers - configurable any way you want any day you want
    US Optics SN-4 -old school, but I really like them
    A.R.M.S.® #72Ext-LII 5.56 Cal. MKII Lever® Mount
    A lot of people complain about ARMS- I am not one of them, and their MK2 levers are very tight and adjustable.
    VTAC sling, I like it, but scratched the Sh*t out of my barrel in the case one day.
    I don't have one yet, but I will probably eventually get the Geissele Trigger, the best upgrade to any rifle in my opinion.

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