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Thread: Army discusses issuing 7.62 CSASS to all BCT members.

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    I want one in 6.5 CM

    Romans 6:8 (All of it)

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    I was re-reading that and you may be right.

    With the Marines pushing for the M27 pure fleet, I can see the Army pushing a new RFP to replace the M4 with something that closely matches the CSASS.

    Hmm, that may be the plan.

    Quote Originally Posted by dms16 View Post
    Short of the 6.8 specifically, I think this dude is pretty spot on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forrest View Post
    .308 for now, possibly .260 rem in the future.

    I would love to see an Army fielding 6.8 and .260, but I don’t think that will happen any time soon. (6.8 beats 6.5 out to 400m or so)

    What we’re going to be left with is .308 and 5.56 just like today, but with newer rifles. Mixing the HK417 type rifles and traditional m4’s will cause a HUGE headache for them, and there will be a new RFP issued asking for new rifles. HK already has the 416 and 417 in service, so they will win. Maybe we get the 433 out of it for the infantry, maybe we don’t.

    One thing is for sure, the army ain’t changing the rifle AND the bullet at the same time ever again. There just isn’t anyone left with the guts to make that big of a change.

    As an HK user/supporter, I say: "Neat"

    Everything else inside me as an end-user says this is more gov/Army high-dollar tail chasing. Which war/dynamic is this for? If it's for picking off the booger-eaters planting IED's, great. If not, can we please change the station...we've heard this song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmbrwulf View Post
    I caught an article on soldier systems today where the M27 was going to be fielded in the SDM role for the Marines. The CSASS was not going into full effect until FY19. They (the USARMY) was going to supplement rifles with G28's until the CSASS' were operational.

    From around 0:50, M27 with a Premier Reticles 3-15x50 SSDS on top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jogle1119 View Post
    It's only 8.8lbs for the rifle. That's 1lb heavier than the 7.74lb M4A1(with KAC RAS).

    The HK is a far superior rifle to the M4.
    The M4A1 weighs 6.36 pounds unloaded with KAC rail and the HK CSASS weighs around 8.8 pounds. That's 2 lbs, 7 oz heavier for the CSASS. A 28% increase in the base rifle system with over 40% increase on ammo weight. Way to heavy for general issue front line troops.
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    I will try to carefully word this as to CMOA. I call on the oldest and largest US Army installation in Louisiana, and will divulge that there is at PRESENT a large HK presence, that is being tested and issued, by and to certain units. My 24 yrs. in service, and many Vets. here will confirm, that by the time you read these press releases ,it's old news. As for the Marines and Navy SOG's, you or I ,will never know the complete array of weapon platforms that are available to them, unless you are one of them.
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    Thanks ALVAR. That was pretty cool.

    Very True Albatross, , , By the time anybody outside has heard of it, it's old news.

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    Nvm kitup was sensationally chopping and editing what Milley said to fit an agenda.

    What I posted did not match what was actually said.
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