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Thread: New front-adjustable AGR for MR308/762

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    Quote Originally Posted by RegularGuy461969 View Post
    @Drooler , @Oicani , @baljar , @dms16 and @caf82313 :

    Reviving this old thread as I have finally turned my MR762 back into a true 762. I had the 12" 417 barrel removed and the original 16" re-installed along with the the Burk AGB and a SF 3 Prong FH. All work completed by our very own @Marine0303 ; as an old Brit I know likes to say, "Top Notch, Top Notch!".

    I will post pics later and a range report when I am able to shoot this beast with my SF SOCOM762 RC2. Hopefully that will be next weekend.

    I have to keep my HK OEM G28/417 V2 Patrol Hand Guard on the rifle so I am able to manipulate the gas regulator. This means I cannot attach a bi-pod any further forward than mid-gas block.
    Thanks for flagged this. I was not aware there was an AGB.

    Normally, I like keeping my stuff 100% OEM unless there is a good reason (i.e., SureFire flash hider QD so I can attach the SureFire suppressor, Geissele trigger, etc.).

    I have 2 MR762s. One I left the barrel length as is. The other I chopped it down to 13". Although the 13" barrel works great when suppressed, it has issues cycling when shooting without a suppressor.

    I don't see myself shooting the 13" MR762 without a suppressor (my head hurts when shooting the 10.4" HK416 without a suppressor let alone the 7.62 caliber), but what happens in the 1% chance the suppressor gets stolen by a feral zombie??

    Jokes aside, I wish I had a gas block that allows me to shoot suppressed and non suppressed without any cycling issues. I understand the laws of physics means that my MR762 is cycling too hard when shooting with the suppressor (if if cycles reliably without a suppressor), but I personally prefer non adjustable gas blocks. One less thing to futz around. One less thing to forget to adjust, etc.

    I am probably going to lean towards keeping my OEM gas block, but definitely appreciate the heads-up.

    Do post pics when it is done!!

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    Posting pics of the new Rig with Burk AGB. Enjoy and stop slobbering on my HK's

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    Quote Originally Posted by RegularGuy461969 View Post
    Posting pics of the new Rig with one of the old set up. Enjoy and stop slobbering on my HK's
    Looks nice but that 16" is just screaming for my Big/ManSized 417 Rail/AdjGB JS
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