Cany anyone who owns an MR762 PLEASE give me their opinion of the rifle?
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Thread: Cany anyone who owns an MR762 PLEASE give me their opinion of the rifle?

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    Default Cany anyone who owns an MR762 PLEASE give me their opinion of the rifle?

    Hi there everyone. I just registered for this great site, and I wanted to purchase an MR762/MR762LRP package within 14 days. I need advice FROM ANYONE WHO OWNS one of these rifles, on how it shoots, specifically the recoil, and ANYTHING else that any owner of one of these rifles is willing to share with me. Thanks to everyone

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    Why are you in such a hurry bro? Short story, it's the best piston driven .308 on the market, and probably the best AR10 on the market. Why do you need it in 14 days again??
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    1. I own TWO MR762s including a "1st edition" LRP.
    2. I sent you a PM Last night.

    Anyway. I love my LRP she's a great rifle. However at this point in my shooting career nothing is perfect and everything needs to be modified to suit my needs/preferences. The rifles shoot very well I have asked a few shooters on the range to see how the can group with my LRP. They're usually impressed. I have seen as good as 1/2 MOA out of mine, however one of my friends says that he can shoot 1/4 out of his.

    The rifles eat everything. Thru my LRP I have about 2600 rds +/- without me getting up to check my log book. however I don't like to comment on recoil, it's very subjective. However I've let 12 year olds shoot my MR762 (with parental supervision) and well.... Anyway. If the recoil bothers you throw a break on it. Done.
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    It's a high quality firearm, heavy for a 7.62 NATO weapon when compared to the AR10/FN SCAR offerings, but accurate for a semi-auto (within expectations and comparison to it's competitors). With the adoption of the M110E on the .mil side it should see some continued support and if history repeats itself the weapon should hold decent market value, or potentially increase in value, over time. The magazines are exquisite but the trigger is lawyer proof and any precision shooting expectations may/do require an upgrade.

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    MR762 owner here. I find the heft of the rifle to offset any recoil impulse one may find with a comparable 7.62x51 AR platform. Any remaining recoil can also be negated by putting a brake on the muzzle - I opted for the HK long flash hider myself (15x1 TPI). I'm fortunate to have a SCAR 17 as well so I can compare side-by-side. The SCAR 17 is undoubtedly lighter, but so is the barrel profile and I know FNH did their homework when developing these but it just feels very 'loose' in terms of tolerances compared to the MR762 which is very well fit. Accuracy is subjective and there are way too many factors to take into consideration, that said I have been able to achieve .50 MOA consistently with my MR762 using 168gr Noslers and some Black Hills loads.

    The system is unique, especially the piston system, bolt carrier and how bolt quality and designs carried over from the HK 417. Also, the factory trigger is actually really good. I've since upgraded to the MR762 Geissele and noticed only about 0.75-1.00lbf reduction in weight and only a small improvement in crispness. The proprietary magazines are larger than the AR-10 mags, but there is utility in this as they can cold certain loads (I think 175gr type) where as Magpul mags cannot. Moreover they are extremely well made and work like a charm, no issues.

    As for the barrel on the MR762, that's the main source of weight but it's also a heavy profile barrel. There has been a volume of discussion on here about why HK didn't chrome line the MR barrels and why they aren't nitrided, it boils down to accuracy and tradition when it comes to barrel manufacturing. The steel is suspected (with a high level of confidence) to be made of Aubert & Duval GKH steel alloy. This allow combined cold hammer forging and with HK's hardening process provides for a great barrel, it's not a typical 4140/4150 alloy so I don't think the same rules apply. That said how many blown-out HK barrels do we see?
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    Great rifle. Heavy - yes. Recoil - allows firing of 100++ rounds in a sitting with nothing felt afterwards. Quality - top of the food chain. Trigger - fine, but an upgrade would not be out of line. Shootability - 1000++ rounds of cheap plinker ammo fired with zero issues. Magazines - not cheap and propriety to HK, but they work every time.

    If you can afford it, you will not be disappointed.
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    YMMV, but here's my take,

    Gripes that some people have:
    -Doesn't take PMags
    -Only takes MR762/HK417 stocks (buffer tube is thicker than an AR10/SR25)
    -Limited selection of aftermarket 2-stage triggers

    The big pluses in my opinion (and why I own one):
    -dead nuts accurate with match ammo
    -low recoil (the is most likely due to the weight)
    -extremely reliable, even when maintenance is neglected
    -everything is extremely tight (no upper/lower slop, no random parts rattling, the weapon feels "crafted" as opposed to "built")

    On the LRP, I was never a fan of the included optic, so I opted for a standard MR762 A1. Understand that other than the optic, G28 Stock, and tan rail on the LRP, the A1 and LRP are the same base gun. The standard model can do everything the LRP can in the hands of a competent shooter.

    Get whichever one you like better.

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    I researched semi-auto .308’s for YEARS before finally pulling the trigger on one, since the best offerings in that category are quite expensive. I now own a MR762SD and absolutely, firmly believe it to be the best semi-auto in 7.62x51 ever made.

    - It’s extremely accurate.
    - It’s very (!!) light recoiling, even without a muzzle device or suppressor, which makes it really fun to shoot. Personally, I don’t notice that much extra recoil compared to a 5.56, which isn’t something I could say for the SCAR 17 (which is not a bad rifle, but has a different set of pros & cons)
    - It’s extremely well built, great for precision work, a little too heavy for patrolling or long hikes.
    - Mags cost about half what they used to, so that’s no problem (can find them for about $40, and they’re bombproof).
    - Factory trigger is pretty good, though I will get a Geissele eventually.
    - There are a number or options for HK grips, stocks, rails....I’ve already changed the grip on mine and will probably change the stock.

    If that list sounds like it meets your criteria, go for it. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed - I certainly wasn’t.

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    I'll play devil's advocate even though I am a hard core HK addict with two MR762s.

    At Accuracy First, they teach LE, MIL, etc. how to shoot accurately in under all kinds of conditions. The owner Todd teaches Tier 1 groups + other elite military commandos like SAS, Polish GROM, etc.

    They have a bunch of LaRue OBRs that are used and abused. And yet students who use them are able to make 1,000 yard shots consistently with the right methodology, techniques, etc.

    I love my piston guns way too much to convert to a LaRue OBR, but if the HK417/MR762 wasn't available to civilians in the US, I would be all over the LaRue OBR. Food for thought.

    Will post some random pics just so everybody can enjoy some gun porn on a boring Thurs....

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