Need Help is this a real or fake Geissele 416 rail pls
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Thread: Need Help is this a real or fake Geissele 416 rail pls

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    Default Need Help is this a real or fake Geissele 416 rail pls

    Hello i am looking at buying this top rail but i can't tell if its real or fake . what do you guys think ?


    Need Help is this a real or fake Geissele 416 rail pls-crxavqx.jpg
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    The manufacturer will be your best contact! The pictures are of such bad quality that its impossible to really tell. I would suggest getting better pictures and asking geissele for feedback.
    For what its worth, it could be the latest batch of chinesium airsoft geissele.

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    That seller has some F ratings. I would ask for more pics and see if geissele could corroborate as @baljar suggested.

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    Technically if it is an airsoft rail you are not supposed to be able to buy trademarked items in the US (meaning they "shouldn't" be sold by airsoft dealers and most of the reputable ones wont violate this because they respect the rules and dont want the sport to be harmed). That said there are websites that you can get trademarked items from that are from overseas so those products inevitably make their way into the market. I do play airsoft with my two sons and I have actually used some of the very high end equipment to conduct real world LE tactical training with great success. I do however keep those items separate from my real steel and I would suggest the same as baljar and kbinmt. But also be advised that I have seen some very very accurate clones from the airsoft world. Good luck.
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