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    Any experience with the Leupold D-EVO scope system? I find the concept of this intriguing. Any know downsides to one of these being used on an MR556?

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    I have shot a friend's MR556 with this setup. No apparent downside, but it does make it look kind of... awkward... And lens breaks easily if you drop it... Saw it from the same friend.

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    The eye box is really touchy on the D-EVO. You have to maintain a consistent mounting point for the stock in your shoulder and consistent cheek weld in order to get the right sight picture. I’ve demoed them quite a bit at work and I’m not a fan of the eye box.

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    I haven't used this scope. My scope is Arken Optics ffp Rifle scope SH-4 4-14X44 which works well for short or long range shooting.
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