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Thread: Yay...a mud test. INRange doing an MR556 upper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InshallahTech View Post
    History and experience says otherwise.

    Any foreign debris that would prevent extraction is too much to allow chambering to begin with, regardless of chrome lining.

    The issue with the original M16 and lack of chrome was due to carbon fouling (the single biggest cause of FTEs) and rust.
    Which would be prevented by chrome lining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eodinert View Post
    Which would be prevented by chrome lining.
    Not as much as you'd think.

    And in the case of the "test" in question, rust was not an issue.

    No amount of chrome will mitigate the issues experienced. If there were enough debris to prevent extraction, it wouldn't have chambered fully in the first place.

    Chrome doesn't magically make ammunition chamber past heavy fouling or debris and then allow extraction whereas a non-chrome chamber wouldn't.

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    Heresy!!! Chrome lining (provided you can't make it out of titanium or stellite) is the answer to all...even diabetes, athlete's foot, social anxiety, and (according to AGG) erectile dysfunction!

    You, sir are not awaited!!!!

    Witness my chrome!!!
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    I suppose this the one instance that standard internal piston may win out as the gas vent holes are able to blast mud off the side of the carrier when the dust cover is open.

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    HK spring buffer?

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    Mud makes firearms look cool:

    Yay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-p1100056.jpg

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    With regards to the P7, there are two classes of people.

    1. Those who know it to be the finest pistol ever produced.

    2. Those who have yet to fire one.

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    I’m aware it’s a necropost but I just stumbled upon this and couldn’t help myself. The so called "Mud Test: H&K 416/MR556" was biased from the very beginning, a point that becomes obvious when one compares the testing regimen with "Mud Test: Mattel Death Trap! (The Vietnam Era AR15/M16)" ... if there ever was a more dramatic name. When testing the AR15/M16 with opened ejection port cover, Karl, after pouring on the mud, vigorously shakes the rifle, turning the ejection port down during the process - allegedly "just to be able to see the gun" - until the bolt is almost clean, except for one mud spot in the middle (his comment: "Uh, nasty!", then Ian’s, with fake concern: "That’s not good looking!").

    Yay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-ar-1.png

    Notice how after pouring the mud on the ejection port of the AR15/M16, he immediately turned it around to put some mud on the left side of rifle, which conveniently made the mud on the right side drop down (gravity law or something ...). Finally, he "got to get to the safety" (admittedly on the left side), which gave him another pretext to rotate the rifle 90 degrees to brush the left side, again inadvertently allowing whatever mud remained in the - now facing down - ejection port on the right side, to fall off.

    Yay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-ar-2.pngYay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-ar-3.png

    Only after taking all these precautions to ensure the desired outcome of the "test", he proceeds to shoot - with almost clean ejection port.

    Yay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-ar-4.png

    In contrast, the MR556 (to be precise, just an HK upper with non-HK lower) testing regimen involved no such delicacies. Notice how after generously pouring the mud, in his own words: "right into the action" of the MR556, he takes time to talk about the fire control group (non-HK BTW), but accidentally forgets to put mud on the left side of rifle ... because it would have involved turning the rifle around and dropping down the mud from the ejection port.

    Yay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-hk-1.png

    As a matter of fact the clown went to great lengths NOT to accidentally drop down any mud from the right side of the rifle, which he carefully moved almost all the way up in horizontal position.

    Yay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-hk-2.png

    Then he performed "one shake" - actually just rotated the rifle 90 degrees into shooting stance - and proceeded to shot - with ejection port fully covered with thick mud. In this case, the outcome of the "test" was a foregone conclusion. They knew full well what they were doing. One might just wonder, what their real agenda was. I always respected Ian for his work - regardless of his peculiar style - but it turns out he’s full of sh|t.

    Yay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-hk-3.pngYay...a mud test.  INRange doing an MR556 upper!-hk-4.png
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    This was a total hack job. I remember seeing it right when it was posted. Whatever...
    "Just because you're paranoid doesn’t mean they're not after you!"

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    I know that Ian for sure is a big World War I historian and fan of that history, but such combat in nasty conditions is very unlikely today. And I doubt that anyone would fire any gun with that much mud caked on it. Hence, it can be said that especially today, InRange's mud test is about as realistic as Tim from MAC shoving Twinkies and Gummi Bears in an AK-47. Yeah, I guess it's entertaining from a "what'll happen?" stand point, but not really realistic from a modern standpoint.

    And that's not getting into the whole "sample of one" deal and that such tests aren't really scientific. I'm more likely to trust factory testing and other testing done under repeatable circumstances than such "info-tainment" testing. Yeah, it can be fun to watch, but should def. be taken with a grain of salt. If you'd like to see some non-HK testing, watch the Beretta Defense Technology documentary on the development of the ARX-200 7.62mm automatic rifle. Namely watch about a half hour in when they show some of the endurance testing of the ARX-200.

    Not to mention that InRange seem to have a hard-on about showing that the M16 isn't as bad a gun as it was early in Vietnam. What isn't shown is what the actual problem with the M16 was. It wasn't crap getting in, it was stuff that stayed in the rifle though prolonged firing with the crap powder that was used in the early M193 rounds. Not to mention that early M16s weren't even issued with actual cleaning kits.

    And in fairness to HK, HK themselves have at times claimed that the G36, their reworked SA80s, and the 433 are potentially more reliable than the 416. Which when you consider what HK themselves put the 416 though, that's probably saying something in favor of AR-18 action rifles vs AR-15 based guns (piston or DI). And we know that HK tested 416s to destruction to verify durability, and it took some stopping to get them to stop functioning.
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