416 and 417 RAL8000 Butt Stocks
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Thread: 416 and 417 RAL8000 Butt Stocks

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    Default 416 and 417 RAL8000 Butt Stocks

    So, I have been trying to complete these two RAL8k 416 Butt stocks for a few months now

    I bought one from HKUSA Webshop this past spring. Its release lever was the darker version of of Ral8000 and the stock itself was the lighter version. I was able to obtain the lighter version of the stock from a fellow Pro Member along with the necessary HK mil-spec buffer tube, these are not the commercial version of the stocks.

    I swapped out the release levers and that is the completed lighter shade version below. I was also able to get a hold of Ral8k butt pads which completed the sets.

    I have since swapped out the black release lever (extended release lever) on the darker version for a black release lever that has the hole in it for the butt stock lock (as you can see on the lighter complete Ral8k version). I want to warn you all if you are looking to buy release levers from HKParts; the more expensive one for $21.95 from HKParts is the extended one you see in the photos below (they do not have a pic of it on their website) and the cheaper one for $9.00 is the one that is made for all butt stocks that have the locking mechanism in them (to which is swapped the one below). Not all 416/556 Butt Stocks have the locking feature.

    I am wandering if anyone knows anything about the old 417 version of the Ral8000 E1 stock? As I said above, both butt pads are for 417's and have the release lever on the top of them to keep them in place on the stock, where as all other butt pads I have seen are kept in place by friction/tension alone (see 3rd picture below).

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    Probably a dumb question but do you have any RAL parts for sale?

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    Thanks for the info.

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