Cutting down 16" mr556 barrel to 10.4"?
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Thread: Cutting down 16" mr556 barrel to 10.4"?

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    Default Cutting down 16" mr556 barrel to 10.4"?

    Alright guys total newb when it comes to 416s but I feel like itís time to build one. Anyways, I have a line on a new 16" barrel with a vented gas block for a decent price. I want to cut it down to 10.4" for a CAG clone. From the little research Iíve done, I know the gas ports are different depending on barrel length and they arenít interchangeable like a DI gun. If I cut this down am I going to run into reliability issues using the same gas block with a shorter barrel or do I need to find a 10" vented block?

    Since were talking about gas blow back I should add that I will be using a can when it clears. Will the can give me enough back pressure to use the original vented block?

    Someone school me. Thanks in advance!

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    I had tried cutting down a couple of MR556 barrels and I ended up with accuracy issues. I think someone said something about the way the crown was done on these. Also if you just cut it down and not reprofile you still have a very heavy barrel. My opinion would be sell your MR556 barrel and buy a clone 10.4" barrel. Nefarrious Arms is building some of these that will be Chrome CHF barrels.

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    I do have 14.5Ē for sale if interested pm me.

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