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Thread: New MR556 issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Shannon View Post
    If the charging handle pulls freely but doesn’t move the bolt carrier (dust cover stays closed) and can’t be slid completely forward, it sounds like you just don’t have it installed correctly. The forward end of the charging handle must hook onto the anvil (what would be the gas key in an AR-15).

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    It happened after I had shot it. It shot and functioned fine

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    I cleaned out the upper receiver really good, wiped down the bolt and charging handle and lubed them up. Assembled and so far it seems be ok

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    I would remove everything that could cloud the issue and then add them in one at a time..
    1. Will the charging handle slide and lock like it should when the BCG is removed and the upper is hinges open? In other words, the CH is all alone in its channel.
    2. If so, then I would add the bolt carrier without the bolt and see if it still works as it should.
    3. Add the bolt and try again. Can the HK bolt be inserted in the wrong rotation?
    Do all the above with the upper hinged open.
    Troubleshooting is just a series of logical steps.
    If this fails, send it to HK or take it back where you bought it for help. Buying replacement parts without actually identifying the problem can get needlessly expensive.
    That heart shaped metal piece may still figure, but I donít have a clue how.
    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brando1leg View Post
    It does not appear to be binding on the rear of the piston rod, removed the piston rod and the charging handle still will not latch. The latch has a hard time getting over the recess on the receiver
    To be clear, from your last sentence, you are saying that with the upper receiver empty and the piston rod removed, you still cannot push the charging handle forward to latch into the recess under the top rail? Iím assuming that you are pulling the CH latch to open it up to clear the side of the receiver and the issue is that something inside the receiver is blocking forward motion, not a problem with the latch itself? If all thatís true, and there is nothing in the front of the channel in the upper that the CH slides into (i.e. in the area where the end of the piston rod protrudes), then I have no idea what it could be, unless itís some piece of debris that got up in there and later fell out. At this point, Iíd consider sending back it to HK.
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    Do you even HK, Bro?

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    Have to see pics of inside of receiver, with Full BCG installed and charging handle installed and half pulled back as well as empty and up close to the front of the receiver around the the op rod tunnel.

    And please post pic of assembled rifle with charging handle pushed in.

    I’m thinking you shot $hitty Ammo and the heart was part of a case base and there’s debris in the channel (look towards the front of the receiver just above the chamber/barrel extension). But sumptin’ F’d-up....
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    Looks to me like some debris got caught under the charging handle from the bolt if thats bare metal im seeing on the left side on the back of the CH in that last set of pics.

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