HK change their anodizing process recently?
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Thread: HK change their anodizing process recently?

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    Default HK change their anodizing process recently?

    Hi guys,

    Trying to mimic recent HK receiver coloring. While shooting emails with my smith we were perplexed with recent anodizing. They appear darker/greyer/greenish then past clear anodizing, like a slight die may have been applied. Looking at production M110a1 photos, Hk417a7, and BI code MR223a3, it seems they all share this. The color appears to be different from the photos on HK's site and real CAG rifles. Perhaps closer to the clone CAG rifles where the black ano was chem stripped then reanoed leading to a darker "clear".

    links to what im talking about:
    HK416A7 - Soldier Systems Daily
    -new mr223a3 free parts kit from Zib BI code

    I initially though it may just have been lighting (A7 in interior lighting and MR in the shade). But photos of the M110a1 in the sun from the H&k g28e csass thread also shows the receiver to be slightly different compared to CAG rifles (greyer instead of tan like the honey badger from Q).

    So any chance an expert can chime in and confirm or dispel HK tweaked their anodizing process?

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    It definitely looks darker OD greenish/grey. It almost looks like a coating and not anodized.
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    Pretty sure they switched over to a coating...cerakote I believe.

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    Those variances can be accounted for simply by the camera.

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    I'm confident its a coating. It would be extremely challenging to get the colors to match on the clear type III anodizing process. Even geissele notes the reasons for it here

    Due to the chemical process that takes place during Type 3 Hardcoat, the finish on the product can vary from one to the next, even if it is the same batch. The only way to receive a uniform finish on all parts and accessories to match a color you desire, is to have it recoated or painted with a different finish, for example Cerakote ™ or DuraCoat. However please be aware, that these other types of finishes will not be as durable and will be more easily prone to scratches and scrapes.

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    The coloring of their anodizing has always looked different depending on environment and lighting. 3 years ago there were pics of G28 and A5 had that hue of green/brown. It’s the nature of the beast.
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    There's a chance they may have added a chromic acid bath to the anodizing process. It often results in a green hue.

    Normally chromic acid anodizing is a straight up type 1 anodize, but I also know that our finishing shop has a chromic acid bath as one of the possible final steps of all anodize types they perform.

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    The color in the last image looks extremely close to the BRN4 I had blasted and clear anodized.

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