I recently got my Saker Suppressor out of ATF jail and started using it on my MR762A1 with stock 16.5 in barrel. The first few times I shot, I had no issues while using the suppressor. Lately, I have begun to have trouble with ejecting shells. Some shells are ejecting at 1 and 2 oclock. Some shell are ejecting and spinning 180 degrees and then being caught by the bolt head. The system is acting like it is over gassed with the bolt cycling too fast. I have the stock nonadjustable gas block. I did add the G28 buffer tube, but used the same buffer and buffer spring that came stock with the MR762A1. I have started looking for an adjustable gas block. It seem that there are different AGBs for different length barrels and calibers. Is there a way of telling which AGB is designed for the MR762A1 16.5 in barrel? Part number, or markings? Would there be any point in changing buffer size or buffer spring? What size are the ports on the AGB for the 16.5 in barrel and are they different than the ports for the shorter barrels? Does the port on the 16.5 in barrel need any adjustment when the AGB is installed?