HK416 10.4 barrel offset
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Thread: HK416 10.4 barrel offset

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    Default HK416 10.4 barrel offset

    First post, please excuse my ignorance, and possible double/triple-posting of issue, but i recently purchased a10.4 barrel from, installed fine even fired. No issues. however, in my excitement and haste, i did not realize that my barrel is slightly offset from the receiver. Not sure if its a forging error, or if its completely normal, but the gas block sits off center from the center bore line of the barrel; like its a few degrees off from center. Did not effect initial firing or accuracy, but over time I wonder if it will become an issue. Or is there a fix other than replacing the barrel? Any advice is welcome, and look forward to any tips.
    Thanks in advance!!

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    I can't imagine it's good for the oprod, piston, or rings. If your receiver is correct, the barrel isn't and I'd return it. Either get another from hkparts/gsg9, or contact @nefariousarms

    (which is what I'd recommend.)

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    I had this same issue with a GSG9 G36 barrel.

    I didn’t notice until I cleaned the gun and noticed that the op rod actually bent and mushroomed inside the receiver, so
    I had to cut it in half in order to get it out.

    I sent the gun to Tommy and he informed me that the pins were installed improperly which caused the gas block to be offset.

    You may have a similar issue.
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    I’ve seen the same issue with the 9” GSG9 HK416C barrel. HKParts sent another one with the same problem, I contacted GSG9 and they sent me one that was correct.

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