416 hammer axle pin walking
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Thread: 416 hammer axle pin walking

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    Default 416 hammer axle pin walking

    I find my hammer pin keeps walking to left side, even to the point of affecting charging handle pulling back carrier. I noticed there are 2 different axles, one with the indentations equidistant at each end of pin and another axle type that has an indentation at the midpoint of axle pin. It's a factory 416 lower, so which axle do I need? Thanks

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    In the FCG (trigger and hammer) pins, the "outside" indentations are for the trigger pin and are for the legs of the hammer spring to rest and keep in place. The middle recess in the pin is for the small spring in the hammer to keep the hammer pin in place.

    Typically, FCG pins will have one center cut and one outside cut. An illustrative example (I don't know this vendor):

    Some people get cute and do a specific trigger pin and specific hammer pin that are not reversible and will walk if you get them backward. Example:

    The reason some would complicate the matter is that if you have a gun that's known to be hard on disconnectors and possibly trigger pins like say 416's, MCX's, 9mm AR's...you don't have that weak point in the trigger pin. Unfortunately it's still present and necessary in the hammer pin.
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    Try this pin that has the cut on both sides to engage both sides of the hammer spring, has worked for me.
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    You might check the spring inside the hammer and make sure it's still doing springy stuff.

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