Purchasing MR556 (Check if it's legit)
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Thread: Purchasing MR556 (Check if it's legit)

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    Default Purchasing MR556 (Check if it's legit)

    A recent MR556 has come into my LGS though it is missing a BCG and a trigger. It has a LMT MARS-L lower on it and that is okay with me though the stock is HK and so is the upper. The store isn't knowledgable on the HK itself since it is used, does the upper look to be an MR556 and a legitimate HK upper? I also have a few more questions that I do need help with if I am going to purchase it.

    imgur /a/sIRSxl0
    Just add the .com after imgur followed with /a/sIRSxl0

    1) Is the upper a true MR556 Upper?
    2) will I need an HK MR556 trigger or will any AR trigger work since it has an LMT lower?
    3) I eventually want to get RAL8000 and make the rifle into a 11" or 10.4" barrel sbr with an HK quadrail to make it look more like an HK416A5.
    4) For the BCG can someone point me to the correct one? I can't post the link to the HKparts one that I think it is due to my new status.
    The rifle is for $1400, is that a fair price despite it missing a BCG and a trigger?

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    Adding a .com after imgur doesn’t work. Please post an active link if you want us to see the picture.

    Regarding the trigger, the HK bolt carrier and it’s safety lever is what drives the need for a specific type of trigger, not what lower happens to be attached.
    Do you even HK, Bro?

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    I am not familiar with an MR556, but that looks like a clone built on an LMT Mars-LS lower (available from LMT).
    (I followed your instructions for the imgur site, it worked...)


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    it looks like a clone to me. i would stay away from it since the HK BCG is missing anyways even if its a real HK upper.

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    Sounds like a chop job. Spend the extra $1000 and get a new complete mr556a1. You wont regret it. But I can guarantee you'll regret buying the one pictured.

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    Looks like a replacement upper receiver, may or may not be HK and there's not much of the barrel to see. You'd have to put in another $800-$1000 just to replace the BCG/trigger (if you can find them). Then you have to ask the question, who installed the barrel to the receiver. You're now in the neighborhood of a complete MR556. Beyond this I wouldn't even bother scrutinizing the value of the Lower/LPK. You can find better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yz125racer View Post
    Sounds like a chop job. Spend the extra $1000 and get a new complete mr556a1. You wont regret it. But I can guarantee you'll regret buying the one pictured.
    Boy do I agree with the above. To me buying these parts and trying to get it to a look and work like MR556 would be a fools errand. just saying.
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    That is definitely a Brownells upper; someone built from scratch. I wouldn't personally pay any more than $800.

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    Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. And make sure you leave that thing behind to burn in the flames...
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    Welcome to the site--- do not bother with that rifle!!!


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