To buy or not to buy?
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Thread: To buy or not to buy?

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    Default To buy or not to buy?

    I already know the answer but I am very close to getting the MR556. I just got the MR 762 so I thought the 5.56 would compliment it well! I have a ton of AR rifles but I want something different. Any down sides other than price and weight? I have been reading through old posts etc.. but appreciate people's thoughts. I am likely going to set it up as a mini DMR anyway with a 1-10 Vortex or higher power so the weight is not an issue. I have plenty of light rifles for other things.

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    Weight is not really a problem, but if it bothers someone, then barrel can be reprofiled (most weight comes from it) and I believe that Lancer makes carbon fiber handguard. And price is what it is ;)
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