How can I prove my MR556A1 is genuine?
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Thread: How can I prove my MR556A1 is genuine?

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    Default How can I prove my MR556A1 is genuine?

    Hi there, first time posting anything here but I could use some help. I'm trying to prove that my MR556A1 is a legitimate model to an interested buyer. He raised concerns that it wasn't real due to a few "glaring" issues that I want to try and resolve here by asking a few questions.

    Background: I purchased my rifle in 2018 in NH. The shop had to order it from HK directly and I received it a few days later. It came with the competition handguard and Troy front and rear sights. Based on the date code it was built in 2018, the same year I bought it. I replaced the handguard with a quad rail from HKParts and the stock with one from Magpul; everything else is factory, I watched them pull it right out of the box.

    #1: What year did HK start shipping the MR556 with the Troy sights? I've seen posts from 2017 stating that they had started but I wanted something a bit more definite.

    #2: Do all the MR556 models come with a plastic dust cover? The buyer stated he's never seen one with dust covers like that, and that they usually ship with metal dust covers. I think he is referring to earlier 416 models, not the civilian MR556.

    #3: When, if at all, did the MR556 start shipping with ambidextrous charging handles? The buyer questioned the charging handle, stating it was different than the one's he has seen. The handle I have came with the rifle straight out of the box, and is the "E1" configuration (which I assume is the right handed configuration based on Google searches)

    I'm fairly new to HK rifles, and shooting in general, so if I sound like I'm new it's because I am. I think the buyer is a) getting my rifle confused for earlier models of the 416 or MR556; b) trying to take advantage of my relative inexperience to get me to sell it to him for far cheaper than it should be; or c) a disgusting combination of both. I'd very much appreciate the help with this and if anyone has questions please feel free to ask. Thanks so much in advance!

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    1. Call HK CS and confirm serial # 2. Show Images

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    Sorry, meant to post pics
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails How can I prove my MR556A1 is genuine?-img_20200304_213625_1583376492674.jpg   How can I prove my MR556A1 is genuine?-img_20200304_213643_1583376504926.jpg  

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    Just wait for another buyer; I personally wouldn’t have time or patience to entertain such a discussion
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    I agree with finding another buyer. The current potential buyer sounds like a real piece of work.
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    Welcome to the site!!!
    Review these images:


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    Sell it to me; whats the cost or are you willing to trade for something? PM me.

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    Hooked one! Lol

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    Looks like the real deal to me, not sure what's up with that guy.
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    plastic dust cover--normal
    charging handle--from what I can tell from your pic's, looks correct. (HK's ambi charging handle only has one latch, to swap to lefty, you drive out a roll pin and install the latch on the other side, it doesn't have to two latches)

    as stated above, tell this buy to kick rocks and find another.
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