Heckler & Koch 416 (H&K) SEMI-AUTO .22 LR barrel length
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Thread: Heckler & Koch 416 (H&K) SEMI-AUTO .22 LR barrel length

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    Default Heckler & Koch 416 (H&K) SEMI-AUTO .22 LR barrel length

    The description states the barrel is 16.1"
    I have talked to two people at the same gun shop and get conflicting information.
    Is the barrel measured BEFORE the muzzle break is attached or after.
    I am trying to get on but unfortunately live in NY so the barrel MUST be 16" BEFORE the muzzle break.
    They will weld a thread protector on and change the grip/stock, but if the barrel inst 16" then i have no shot unless someone has a 16" non-threaded barrel or 18" barrel. New to the firearms world so any definitive information would be much appreciated.

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    The stock flash hider (vice muzzle brake) is removable so the measurement would be to the end of the threaded part of the barrel (i.e. - does not include any muzzle device in the measurement).

    Also, the actual barrel is covered by a shroud which is held in place by the flash hider...welding on a thread protector may affect the serviceability of your rifle.
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