MR556 ambi safety selector question
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Thread: MR556 ambi safety selector question

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    Default MR556 ambi safety selector question

    Will these fit in a standard (non HK) lower receiver with a Geiselle trigger? Thanks for your time!

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    it should but I am not sure as all mr556 lowers minus the buffer retaining pin are the same as any other ar lower as far as the specs for the internal parts

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    If memory serves, the semi HK selector axel will function with normal semi fire control groups (fcg). Since the axel was designed with the proprietary HK fcg to allow the gun to be put on "safe" with the hammer forward, there's some play (again, if memory serves) if you have if you use it with the non-HK/Geissele if the hammer is down and you fiddle with the selector but it won't go to full "safe"...only about part way. 100% functional, but a little odd in that respect (given that HK and ocd go hand in hand). Plenty of great aftermarket ambi safeties that work just fine with HK lowers too.
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    HK selector axle works fine in regular ARs. On the HK FCG, I believe it is the rear of the trigger (rear portion of disconnector slot) that is milled down to allow the safety to rotate to safe with the hammer forward. I have the HK ambi axle with the metal levers, but I know it works in a regular AR.

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    Does anyone have a selector axle for sale?

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