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Thread: I shot Wolf .308 ammo and it broke

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    Sold all the Wolf ammo, oh ya!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CollectorofHK View Post
    I’ve had 4000rds of Wolf Performance .308 ammo since 2008. The other day I shot my HK MR762 with 21 rounds of the Wolf Performance ammo. It was ok until the 22nd round. Not sure how the casing broke but it did. It took awhile to get the casing that jammed in the rifle out. Here’s a pic. I’m never shooting that stuff again. I’ll buy brass cased ammo only.
    You learned you lesson without an expensive or dangerous KABOOM...I have NEVER used reloads or foreign /steel cased. Never made sense to use steel on steel. Brass is softer than steel.. that made sense.

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    While steel case certainly does have its place, I tend to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Especially with HK weapons.

    I use a lot of steel case in Com bloc full auto, with the rare issue. I've also watched with pride as my oldest daughter was on a Ma Deuce and experienced a case head separation (brass). As soon as that *sound* happened she was off the butterfly trigger with both hands in the air. She waited until the gun had cooled down, popped the top cover while looking away... and proceeded to easily remove the damage. She was on a friend's gun with his ammo. I examined the case. Way too many reloads and I kind of gave my buddy a hard time about being a tight a$$ and to stop buying ammo from that company to save a few cents.

    Folks can seem a little hard on others when this kind of thing happens. HK's should receive quality brass ammo. Accidents will still happen. They will just happen less often. Now about that time I got a double charge in factory first brass 9mm ammo... I still have no clue how they seated that bullet.
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