MR556 Barrel re-profiling
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Thread: MR556 Barrel re-profiling

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    Default MR556 Barrel re-profiling

    I know there was a previous post about some people getting their MR556 barrels re-profiled. To those of you who've done it, have you noticed any accuracy loss ? How much of a difference did you notice ? I spoke with the guy at Tommybuilt and honestly, his price was pretty cheap. My main concern is that when you mess with the barrel that there might a chance for something bad and there would be no going back. But then again, I'm new to the gun world so I want to know ya'lls opinion.

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    I haven’t noticed any accuracy degradation with mine. I had a 16” MR556 barrel chopped to 10.4” and the area behind the gas block reduced to.720. Of course, I’m not using this setup trying to engage targets beyond 300 yards either.

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