Calling all B&T Suppressor Group Buy members
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Thread: Calling all B&T Suppressor Group Buy members

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    Default Calling all B&T Suppressor Group Buy members

    There has been a lot of mis-information, blame, and actual mistakes made by various parties in this effort to bring B&T suppressors to market. Suffice it to say I am not promoting any of that information and I myself have been caught in the middle of this debacle. If want you want to hear either side of the story, contact Mike or Tim directly.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Tim at B&T USA has asked me to try and get together a list of HKPRO member email addresses so that he can facilitate notification of each member that has participated in the group buy via email when your suppressor(s) form 3 has been filed and so that I can post the same on the forum I would like your hkpro username. Tim is not a member on this forum and has asked me to to try and facilitate the creation of this list. As stated, I am asking for usernames as I don't want any personal info other than email which Tim has requested as I try to complete this task for him.

    ***as per questions received***
    This contact info is only being collected so that Tim can broadcast to the group that the form 3 for the suppressors has been filed so that he is not continually buried in status requests on when that will happen. Also Tim is not trying to identify/associate individual members to an order and or FFL with this activity. Also I cant speak to any issues regarding current suppressor availability or future sales channel plans etc. Please direct those types questions to Tim and Mike.

    Please send the info to me via email at [email protected]

    Update 3-22-16

    Here is the list of members that have responded thus far, please also let me know if you had a custom serial # (I don't need the serial # just let me know if you requested one) as this info is also going into the list for Tim.


    Update 4-15-16

    Form 3s have been filed.
    And on that note I feel the focus of this thread has been accomplished. I hope it has helped.

    Update 6-17-16

    Form 3s have started to come back. Tim advised me today that partial batch from the complete submission has come back (I believe he told me 11-15 form 3s were in this batch). This is a good sign that the rest will be following soon (however there is still no guarantee that they will arrive in time for the 41p deadline due to the opaque and mysterious inner workings of the ATF NFA branch regardless of additional staffing over there ). The received form 3s will be going out to dealers on Monday.

    As I get more info like which ones came in etc and who they were bound for I will update this thread.

    Also FYI since the production of these cans was expedited the other materials such as manuals etc were not. So they will not initially be shipped with manuals, but rest assured they will be sent to each purchaser when B&T USA receives them back from production.

    Update 6-21-16

    As Form 3s have continued to dribble in Tim has advised me that he is compiling list of FFLs that he has received Form 3s for and will share that with me on this coming FRI. He is also going to be expediting shipping so things arrive as quickly as possible to dealers. Since Tim has only the info on the form 3s i.e. suppressor type and SOT info, I am going to try and make things a little bit easier to try and get everyone an appropriate update. Please send me via my email at [email protected] an email with your SOTs info (I do not want a copy of their FFL only the name and address) and your username here on HKPRO as I have a list already that has the member that contact me previously with Name, email, and suppressor type. I am sure that list I have is not comprehensive as I did not get a response from every member participating in GB. So if you have not contacted me previously with that info please include it when you email me.

    Update 6-22-16

    Since response to my previous post asking for FFL info seems to be lack luster I would rather not continue to try and maintain a notification list that will never be complete. So instead I am going to post info for the suppressor model and FFL on the received/approved Form 3s. Below I am posting info the 23 approved Form 3s received thus far so you guys can take it from there.

    As a courtesy to those members that have responded to my previous requests for the info requested, I will still honor the commitment to send those members a personal notification.

    I also want to reiterate neither Tim or Mike have any control over who's forms have been approved, the order of approval, or when the remainder of the Form 3s will arrive. I will continue update people as best as I can. Also I can tell you that everything possible is being done to get the approved Form 3s out so that Form 4s can postmarked before the 41 F. I will not be gathering shipment tracking info so please don't ask as this already has been a huge effort on the part of all involved.

    UMP 45
    Carolina Gun Runners, Rally NC
    Arms Room, Dickinson TX
    On Target, Murfreesboro TN
    Adco, Sylvania OH
    AZ Armory, Phx AZ
    S&J Arms Co, Sykesville MD

    MP5 Compact
    Alt Coast Armory, Christiana TN
    x2 Backdoor Mercantile, Fayetteville GA

    Full Size MP5
    x2 Backdoor Mercantile, Fayetteville GA

    MP5 SD
    x2 Backdoor Mercantile, Fayetteville GA
    Hansohn Bros LLC, Culpeper VA
    AZ Armory, Phx AZ
    Arlens Gun & Ammo Shop, Kent OH
    Silent Guns, Argyle TX

    JB Tactical, Wheat Ridge CO
    Silencer Shop, Austin TX
    Denver Bullets Inc, Denver CO
    Silent Industries, Madison AL
    THSF, Mathews NC
    Gunshine Arms, Boca Raton FL

    Update 6-25-16

    Update coming early next week with more received Form 3s. Until then here is a pic to for all those fortunate individuals thus far. You should expect delivery to your FFL sometime mid week so get your FFL on the stick and the rest of your paperwork ready so that you can get your form 4s mailed and postmarked before the deadline.

    Calling all B&T Suppressor Group Buy members-img_0102_zps7doorgev.jpg

    Also if any of you own a Scorpion Evo check out this new B&T suppressor and ratcheting mount for the factory tp and barrel:

    Update 6-27-26

    All Form 3s with the exception of a single SD Compact have been received and approved and the pkgs are going out this afternoon by 2nd day. I have also sent out personal email notifications to all members that I have on file. Looks like this GB is winding down and I hope you all will be pleased with your purchases. Please report back on your experiences (i.e. conjugal visits) and first impressions when you receive them!

    The following people however need to get a new copy of their FFLs to Tim and Mike as they have expired, so follow-up with your FFL to be sure they have sent them back into Tim, he also has reached out them and has messages out to these dealers if they were not available to take his call.

    Ali Ahmed, Silencer Shop, Austin TX
    Charles Ernst, John Baier, Uniontown OH (we have talked on the phone today about this)
    Ray Troi, Hanson Brothers, Culpeper VA
    Brian Smith, Arms Room, Dickinson TX
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    Information sent.
    Thank you and Tim for your efforts on my behalf.


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    Information sent
    Thanks You for helping out.
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    Email sent. Thank you for your help.

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    I understand this is for everyone with pending orders back from October 2014. Any indication from B&T if the will take new orders directly?
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    Sent, thanks.
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    Email sent :). Thanks for helping

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oicani View Post
    I understand this is for everyone with pending orders back from October 2014. Any indication from B&T if the will take new orders directly?
    I updated the thread with info to direct those types of questions to Tim and Mike.
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    Thanks for helping get the info flowing
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    is this for ALL B&T USA cans or just custom serial ones?

    i am currently trying to purchase a TP9 can

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