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Thread: London Bridge Trading Co LTD MAS Grey H&K 416 417 MP7 MK24 HK45CT Operator Kit (Rare)

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    December 10, 2017 Update

    MAS Grey Merry Christmas Surprise Stocking Stuffers From LBT

    ~5-6 LBT MK24 Mas Grey Holsters from my "Honor Run" are available for purchase, by only those loyal members named below in the "Honor List & Refund List" in Post #1 on Page #1 who supported the Plate Carrier Kit items:

    docbob Thank you, let me know if you would like to purchase a Right or Left holster as well.

    To claim and pay for a holster, please contact the email at the following website

    to make your PP cleared payment by: on or about December 18, 2017 for your best chance for Christmas Delivery.

    Since we did not make quantity in 2017 on HKPro. This will be it, until we gather more names, to do more MAS Grey holsters, with items from the Plate Carrier Kit, at some point in the future.

    The remaining few holsters have to go on auction, to address some expenses, etc., until next time. Please do not bid on those, instead, sign up for the next LBT MAS Grey not for profit run, hopefully in the coming year.

    No payments are being collected at this time. To sign up, post in the thread your item list (Quantity, Right or Left, ESAPI B or C, etc.) and contact the email listed at the website, in the event my HKPro PM box closes due to storage issues, etc.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Thread will be edited soon

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    How much were the 45c holsters going for?

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    Look in thread on Page #1 Post #1 and Post #3, last year I think it was $104.07 + only actual USPS shipping of holster to member. What LBT charged me for shipping, etc., was not charged to any members.

    Next time (to be done with Plate Carrier Kit), Unknown, maybe I will collect $105 for each initial holster 1st Payment + 2nd Payment due when they come in: to cover shipping to member.

    Whatever LBT charges for holster in final invoice upon delivery, will then be deducted-applied and or refund included if any, just like last time and no shipping from LBT to me, etc., will be charged to member. We want to keep this Not For Profit.

    On taptalk you may not see all the text posted, and the thread needs to be edited when there is time.

    * Unless you are posting your want list pledge. Any questions, please email only, so everyone subscribed to thread is not bothered and sent a notification. I do not mind the email, but they may.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hkcamo View Post
    ...Email Reply sent to:

    9/5/2017 Dan
    That's me here! I'm patient!
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    Lightbulb ?

    Dan / djeuch

    An email was sent to you on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 4:33 PM (server time). There is no record of any reply nor payment from you. I have checked again, and still have no return emails nor any payment from you.

    Keep in mind, that when you made contact in 2017, the October-November 2016 holster buy had been closed and completed.

    I did not open nor collect any October-November 2017 Holster payments on HKPro. There was no October-November 2017 buy on HKPro. Since we failed to make quantity here, with holsters and the Plate Carriers by the deadline. Refunds with a small thank you extra bonus were issued out of pocket, to members who supported the unfulfilled Plate Carrier Kit run.

    The thread was suspended-closed into the history books and the slate wiped clean. I still have one MIA member from the Plate Carrier Kit project on HKPro, who has not contacted me, and their PayPal refund was returned by PayPal unclaimed. However, you are not in this category of refunds nor having made any payment for anything.

    Now, we are only collecting names and info, testing the waters, just in case, miraculously, there is demand. For a MAS Grey Plate Carrier kit and Holster buy, to be done together here in 2018+, or some other date. Payments are not being collected at this point.

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    I’d be in for a Plate Carrier if you make quantity.

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