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Thread: London Bridge Trading Co LTD MAS Grey H&K 416 417 MP7 MK24 HK45CT Operator Kit (Rare)

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    Thank you for the effort you've put into this.

    I'd be in for four LBT-0372P RH MK24 holsters and four LBT-6142D Modular 70 Oz Hydration Pouches with Liner (Insulated) and bladder.

    Were you aware of the Gold Label Project for LBT-9013B MAS GREY Modular Double 9mm Pouch w/ Kydex Modular Double 9mm Pouch w/ Kydex London Bridge Trading Inc. ? Gotta have magazine pouches to go with the holster!
    (I've had no issues fitting 45c or even Mk23 mags into their 9mm pouches)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TX_Rifleman View Post
    (I've had no issues fitting 45c or even Mk23 mags into their 9mm pouches)
    Good to know that!

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    For those of you with the seacity email address, please email only (No PM) to keep HKPro site In Box open for new contacts providing their email address and info for email reply. Thank you

    For Latest Updates Please view:

    Page #1
    See Mid Bottom of Page Q1: I would like one or more items, what do I need to do?
    Post #1 November 2016 - February 2017 Item List [PAYMENTS OPEN UNTIL WE MAKE QUANTITY]
    * We Need 4 More Plate Carriers!
    Post #3 October 2016 LBT MAS Grey Holster Payments Status Updates, Received, Due & Jump Ship Log [PAYMENTS CLOSED, STANDBY WAITING LIST ONLY]
    * Tuesday, February 14, 2017 LBT Has Finished Holsters!
    * Friday, February 17, 2017 LBT Has Shipped Holsters
    * See Page #1 Post #10 Since Post #3 Text Filled To Capacity

    Post #6 November 2016 - February 2017 Payments Status Updates, Received, Due & Jump Ship Log [PAYMENTS OPEN UNTIL WE MAKE QUANTITY]
    Post #10 November 2016 - February 2017 List Payments Received Log [PAYMENTS OPEN UNTIL WE MAKE QUANTITY]
    Post #10 October 2016 LBT MAS Grey Holster Shipping List
    *You will be listed here if holster has shipped to you
    Post #10 New October 2016 LBT MAS Grey Holster Payments Status Updates, Received, Due & Jump Ship Log Since Post #3 Text Filled To Capacity
    * Each of you will be contacted for permission to ship so you are ready to receive
    * Some of you have payments due, i.e., Shipping, etc.

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    Post #51 Deal Alert to be edited
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    * Tuesday, February 14, 2017 LBT Has Finished Holsters!
    * Friday, February 17, 2017 LBT Has Shipped Holsters!

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    Post #62 Tab or Snap Decision Likely Tab where possible. WIP Updates to be edited consolidated & removed

    Page #2
    Post #13 Introduction, Background, Items & Recommendations. To be re posted in future. Demo Video link.

    WIP Work In Progress Copy Paste to be edited and removed.

    Overtime, an attempt will be made to repost much of the information removed due to the character limits per post to make room for updates.

    The first post was rushed in the hopes of meeting deadlines and the posts below that were not reserved to enhance continuity. So please excuse any confusion in the thread.

    Our MAS Grey London Bridge Trading Company Ltd. Plate Carrier combines several desirable features from the LBT Plate Carriers array over the years, to include the Classic 6094, UnderWay and
    Modular Sentinel Releasable, all into one.

    If you were looking, for a truly form follows function Plate Carrier. From land to sea. To do it all. This is the one.

    We are being given the opportunity to purchase something very special without, being gouged on the collector markets. A Plate carrier with special features that may save the life of a loved one engaged in outdoor sporting activities, classes, etc.

    This Plate Carrier may rank amongst one of the rarest of H&K related collectable. We are paying a price that LBT charges for standard Releasable colors, without the UnderWay feature, ours are in LBT MAS Grey and brand new. More importantly, ours are absolutely legal and not stolen Government property.

    Our Plate Carrier is not one of the two versions that have and are being sold at the LBT or LBX websites in the past.

    Our MAS Grey Plate carrier is a version of the UW (UnderWay) with Removable Foam Panels that also has a Sentinel wire Release Cord System, to jettison the Pate Carrier, in the event of an emergency. Our Plate Carrier in LBT MAS Grey is very rare.

    Much like the lesser version pictured below in standard colors, but ours combines the additional features of the UW UnderWay and is in LBT MAS Grey.

    Please view the JLK Productions Inc. Produced video link demonstration, of the innovative Sentinel wire Release Cord System. The Plate Carrier in the video is a standard color Releasable Version. The CASS and Armor Accessories are not included.

    The Gentleman demonstrating a standard releasable carrier has also been present at the LBT Booth and Trade Shows demonstrating various LBT gear.

    "This Releasable Vest System gives you the protection and the mobility you need for any situation you may encounter." [JLK Productions Inc. regarding standard model, our version as noted has enhanced features]

    [Unofficially, some of you may wish to also view the other JLK Productions Inc. unrelated videos, presumably filmed on beach locations in VA.]

    Brandon Webb video link below regarding standard model without UnderWay, our version as noted has enhanced features.

    Unable to find any professional video reviews online. This is an airsoft foreign language video, but demonstrates the release system on the basic version, ours is also UnderWay

    SolSysLLC video link below of LBT Trade Show Demo regarding standard model, our version as noted has enhanced features.

    LBT Company operations and background. News video link below

    Ours should look like this used one but in LBT MAS Grey + plus 3 sets of foam panels and new

    General Features:
    • Modular web attachment points on entire carrier profile provides maximum versatility
    • Front (Standard Cut ESAPI), back, and side plate compatible
    • Quick release tabs on bottom for front and back hard plate adjustment/removal
    • Cummerbund includes side panels for gear stowage and a concealed rear adjustment made of
    replaceable elastic bungee for increased range of motion and comfort
    • Interior side radio pouches with retention
    • Comfortable padded shoulder straps with additional removable wrap around pads
    • Wire, antenna or hydration hose guides
    • Extra heavy duty reinforced drag handle
    • Centered front pouch provides quick access to maps, mags, or critical gear
    • Interior loop attachment points for shoulder or collar soft armor
    • Separate sleeve for soft armor package* and/or CASS (armor and CASS Not included, available separately)
    • Body-facing mesh pocket to hold closed-cell positive displacement floatation foam
    • Comes with three thickness sets of closed cell foam: 3/4”, 1” and 1.25”
    • Comes in medium, large and extra-large
    • Vest cuts away intact allowing for medical access and equipment recovery
    • Carrier releases by way of 10 PSI cable to allow for quick removal in a drowning or
    water hazard scenario
    • Integral cable cut away system, cable never detaches from carrier
    • Multiple adjustment points throughout to ensure proper fit and function
    • MADE IN USA Berry Compliant

    Important Word About Size:

    The Plate Carrier comes cut for three sizes for ESAPI Plates, A (Medium), B (Large), and C (Extra Large).

    Normally the user would not place mags on the strong side. But to give you a rough idea of the Plate carrier surface area mounting modular loop space capacity.

    Each modular Single Shingle Open Top Rifle Mag pouch types are generally Two modular loops wide representing the width of a Carbine Mag. (Single M4 H&K 416/417). Single Open Top Handgun and 9mm H&K MP5 Mag pouch types are generally One modular loop wide.

    On the C (XL) version: If you had single shingle 416/417 pouches, and wanted to keep your pouches single stack, that is 18 x Single 416/417 Mag Pouches, Each Holding 1 x M4/416/417 Mag, placed flat side by side, around your entire body torso like a Mag belt: on the lower front, left, right and rear side.

    One of the important points here is. 18 x Mags placed around you, represents the approximate expansion of the XL ESAPI sized carrier when placed on the largest torso setting. If you are larger than that, then the standard XL Plate Carrier may not fit you. Yes, the vest may expand more given how you adjust and close the front velcro adjustment. Also there is some additional fabric. Maybe a few more inches. Please view my modular loop count estimations below for more information.

    If there was demand for quantity, perhaps LBT could make us the 2XL, etc., cummerbund and or provide extenders.

    Modular Webbing Loop Count Estimate

    6094-A (ESAPI Medium) I have never had a A size 6094 so these are estimates.
    6 modular loops wide on the lower front and back
    ? modular loops wide on the right and left side

    6094-B (ESAPI Large)
    8 modular loops wide on the lower front and back
    9 modular loops wide on the right and left side

    6094-C (ESAPI Extra Large)
    8 modular loops wide on the lower front and back
    10 modular loops wide on the right and left side

    On outside surface of most Shingle Mag Pouches, there lined empty webbing. You may place handgun mag pouches, mag dump pouches, utility, med, etc.

    If you utilize pouches with Modular Webbing across the face, you can stack other H&K pouches. Not recommended if you desire a low profile rig.

    On the front top area of your Plate Carrier, you may also place an Administration Pouch or GRG Pouch. The outside of these pouches are lined with Velcro to accept your patches.

    There is a built in radio pouch on each Right and Left side. The outer cummerbund surface area is lined with Modular webbing (MOLLE PALS) to allow the placement of additional pouches. Your holstered handgun side is probably going to remain clear of pouches, to not interfere with draw stroke.

    Furthermore, there is also a built in velcro lined Kangaroo pocket in the lower front of your Carrier. Into which you may place various Inserts, for H&K 416, 417 or MP7 Magazines. Additional Inserts are also available. Each Plate Carrier accepts only one Triple Mag wide Insert at a time. Single Mag Inserts are also available.

    To anticipate your next questions: The A (M ESAPI) is normally sold with a S/M cummerbund, the B (L ESAPI) L cummerbund and C (XL ESAPI) XL cummerbund. Can someone with a B request a standard XL cummerbund? I do not know at this stage. A 2XL or larger cummerbund appears to be a more custom size job. If there are enough requests from body builders and football player sized individuals, I will ask LBT. Please email if you do not wish to post this request. Can we ask LBT to provide Plate Carriers with a Large Front Plate Pocket, XL Rear Plate Pocket and XL cummerbund. My guess, 99.9% No. If we have many requests, I will ask. You never know. Look at all the discounts, accommodations and assistance LBT have given us so far, so one feels bad taking miles.

    Starter Recommendation:

    Few setup selection examples:

    You may wish to purchase the minimum to set up your Plate Carrier without handgun mag pouches:

    1 x Plate Carrier

    1 x Triple 416 Mag insert Kangaroo pouch (though I prefer more costly single shingles for efficiency)

    1 x 70 oz insulated hydration pouch


    1 x H&K MK24 holster

    If you have the means to do so, as a minimum, additional items.


    Much has been written about the gun. Yet many know very little about the H&K specific kit.

    Every participant may have an opportunity to own a representation of the kit as manufactured by London Bridge Trading Co LTD. With an emphasis, to meet and satisfy the minimum needs. Of the private H&K user, engaged in outdoor activities, training classes, range work and collecting.

    In true H&K fashion, you, your well being, weaponry, wallet and acquired gear, all represent critical components, necessary for the H&K Operator Kit to operate as form follows function.

    To achieve this goal. The building block of this H&K kit will be a rare modular Plate Carrier. To which users may select pouches and a H&K MK24 holster to accommodate a number of H&K weapons. To include critical supporting gear


    A word from Vans about the rare LBT MAS Grey color of this H&K related gear:

    "After the Naval Special Warfare developed main camouflages “AOR1” and “AOR2” for desert and tropical environments, MAS (Maritime Assault Suit) Grey was introduced by London Bridge Trading as a color variance that would provide optimum environment blending for Navy SEALs to wear while conducting VBSS (vessel boarding search & seizure) and maritime operations.

    Since shades of grey have a history of minimal identification and work well within most environments due to their lack of visibility/contrast across the color spectrum, Navy SEALs started utilizing MAS Grey for nighttime operations in addition to maritime operations. Developed originally for SEAL Team 6/Devgru, very few MAS Grey items were ever issued to Naval Special Warfare Operators (i.e Navy SEALs).”

    If LBT reinstates the restriction ban on MAS Grey per policy and or to meet Government requirements. Individuals may no longer have access to LBT MAS Grey and be forced to pay high prices in secondary markets, as for AOR1 AOR2.

    To the untrained eye, the color may at first appear to be a deep field green, rather than the grey of the civil war. LBT put much R&D into this special color. The best way to describe LBT MAS Grey is to have you purchase some.

    What this kit is composed of:

    Each item may be purchased separately, if minimum quantity for that item are met.

    You have a chance to purchase something very special, that when used properly, may also enhance your survival at range, outdoors, etc., and save your life.

    There are Four main item groupings that may be active, inactive and or closed:

    1. Holster. For one .45 H&K45CT (Mk 24 Mod 0 CAP) w/ Crimson Trace Laserguard and Ti-Rant 45S suppressor.

    2. Modular Plate Carrier. To serve as a base block for all your H&K weaponry and essentials. Enhance your safety. Armor required. In the interim it may serve as a tactical vest.

    3. Pouches, e.g., Mag, Admin. Insulated Hydration Pouch Kit: To install on Plate Carrier back. Difficult to find. Ideal for range trips, to keep you hydrated and healthy.

    4. Patches

    Additional items are also listed at member request to complement your H&K. Not that it was expected that quantity levels could be met, but rather to serve as a reference, for possible acquisition on your own, in the future.

    Being a Modular (MOLLE) Plate Carrier, your existing modular ouches may be used to reduce costs at this time.

    A word about the H&K MK24 holster:

    Rumor on the internet has it that when a certain Group was quickly seeking a holster to accommodate the H&K MK24 with and without suppressor attached. Safariland refused to help them, because the numbers were not there.

    Long story made short, LBT displayed kindness in meeting this need, and this is how the holster model came to be. Today, our Group Buy is a further demonstration of LBT's continuing commitment and why you should support this Company. If you review the postings and updates here, you will find that LBT is providing us with absolutely the best customer care, service, benefits and so much more these simple words cannot express.

    How did I get here, to also come and do the Buy here:

    In the past I have been acquiring LBT gear with my individual account, etc. Then one day I started receiving messages, text, telephone calls, visits, etc., by individuals who knew the pictures used in the last HKpro Group Buy were of our property. Thinking our family were involved. etc. Long story short, that is how I found the old thread. Despite being a member here, I had missed to keep updated on what may be the most desirable forum of this site.

    The Plate Carrier kit was originally my submission to the LBT Gold Label program. Having not been selected, yet, to be listed in their program. LBT was kind in offering the kit for sale to me. If I did not wish to purchase everything for my use. I could crowd source the buy, collect the funds, make the purchase through my LBT account. LBT would ship the entire order to me, I would in turn ship to each party. We are doing this at item purchase cost plus shippings for no profit. This is not a Not For Profit Organization nor the Clinton Foundation, so there are no inflated salaries, golf trips, Rolls Royce charity cars and other perks coming all at your expense. For this reason only fee free non Seller transaction payments are accepted. Since we are not selling you anything nor are we providing you with a paid service.

    Original 09-11-2016, 12:47 PM Post Below:

    @TX_Rifleman Thank you for your generous pledge and the fit information.

    Certainly anything you wish, we can try and make available, if quantity is met. However, I left out items that were readily available from LBT directly.

    Yes, I am aware of the #dougstrench #projectgoldlabel project. I linked an other MAS Grey Plate Carrier (Not Releasable UW) in my first post, to discuss the differences to our Plate Carrier. The Plate Carrier in our Group Buy and some kit, were my submission to LBT for that project, but since I did not receive an approval, they agreed to do it for me directly, if I gathered the numbers and made the purchase through my LBT account, and received the whole order.

    I have seen that double pouch listed. However, I was not sure which version it is and if it fit your HK45CT mags.

    The price of that pouch did not seem economical. If you look at the other prices we have, we seem to be getting a price at their site discounted price.

    I had older generation doubles and that design seemed suited exactly for 9mm P226 15rd. My 20rd would not fit. The closure flaps did not have a nice adjustment to account for various heights.

    If only they were single, P7M13 mags fit very nice, but the floor plates are very long for doubles.

    I also have one unknown double, where it seems to be for as longer mag, perhaps MEGAR 9mm P226. Given the variation in these pouches I did not think it best to risk the $

    I asked LBT and they indicated not making a pouch specific for the HK45CT, but if I know the model numbers, they will make them available for us.

    I prefer singles for everything, they may be placed more efficiently and spaced to minimize floor plates locking into each other.

    My preferred handgun mag pouch is a single molle faced shingle open topped with shock cord pull tab. In this sense, just about every handgun mag I have will fit and placement is efficient.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails London Bridge Trading Co LTD MAS Grey H&K 416 417 MP7 MK24 HK45CT Operator Kit (Rare)-lbt_plate_carrier.jpg  
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRiverII View Post
    Wow, that's some post brother. It's early AM and first cup of joe coming in. I certainly haven't fully become conscious, but a 45c holster did catch my eye. Bravo, for your patience in writing this post. I wish you well.
    I was just thinking the same thing...LOL

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    See my pics of the same style double with P7M13 and P226 15rd German mags.

    My pictured double might be another version. Since flaps or body seem intended for a longer mag than German P226 15rd, that is shorter than a German 9mm P226 20rd. Somewhere in that length range. If mine is a different version or the new spec, I do not know. My guess, mine may be sized for a P226 Megar 18rd (?) extended capacity length, bumper, unknown ?

    On my other older versions (not pictured), the flaps were almost sized for P226 German 15rd, likely intended for USGI M92FS 15rd with the short floor plates. Since the P226 15rd floor plates are rubbing together. When extracting a mag, I could easily snag and or throw out the other one. I like to position each mag facing the same way. Another reason why I like singles for everything. Doubles, triples, etc are too close and do not offer efficient mounting options.

    Look on the back (belt loop side), do you see how short that Velcro is? It's about 1 inch. Now the Velcro on the flap edge is also about 1 inch and must contact that rear Velcro, if you want to run it with flaps closed. I don't think placing something inside the mag cell to raise the mag would work on mine. it would be too loose for me.

    If you do not use the correct mag it was intended for. With this pouch design. There is little to no room for adjustment for various height mags, with just 1 inch of Velcro contact to play with. If your mag is not the exact height, to cover the entire 1 inch of Velcro, the flaps will not make sufficient contact to hold the mag down tight, or not make contact at all.

    I cannot tell by the pic on their site. Now maybe they have changed the spec to allow for much more velcro and an elastic flap entirely lined with more velcro, how they should have been designed at first at minimum. As much as I dislike kydex and this design, in this case I might get some singles.

    If you have never had one of these pouches, I hope this information made some sense, so you can visualize my point.

    I am no SME let alone a gear expert. Obviously LBT designed these pouches for their special users.

    I also very much appreciate those like you, with gear experience and familiarity with the product, to post, with specific model numbers, etc., and assist the membership with making the correct choices.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails London Bridge Trading Co LTD MAS Grey H&K 416 417 MP7 MK24 HK45CT Operator Kit (Rare)-lbt_p7m13_1.jpg   London Bridge Trading Co LTD MAS Grey H&K 416 417 MP7 MK24 HK45CT Operator Kit (Rare)-lbt_p7m13_2.jpg   London Bridge Trading Co LTD MAS Grey H&K 416 417 MP7 MK24 HK45CT Operator Kit (Rare)-lbt_p226_15_1.jpg   London Bridge Trading Co LTD MAS Grey H&K 416 417 MP7 MK24 HK45CT Operator Kit (Rare)-lbt_p226_15_2.jpg  

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    Subscribed to read on a pc
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    Quote Originally Posted by hkcamo View Post
    I also very much appreciate those like you, with gear experience and familiarity with the product, to post, with specific model numbers, etc., and assist the membership with making the correct choices.
    I hope I didn't give the impression that I am a subject matter expert in London Bridge Trading (LBT) web gear. I am a complete noob, but learning.

    I have however, worn the ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) LBE (load bearing equipment) for a couple of decades. Probably still have saddle scars on my withers. ;)

    As a daily user of ALICE LBE, I can really appreciate the high quality and comfort of LBT products.
    Happiness is a warm gun.

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    I am interested in joining this. I would be in for-

    1 - LBT 0372P Holster RH
    1 - LBT 6094 Modular Plate Carrier (unsure on size, from looking on internet a M or the next size up - but really don't know for certain)
    1 - LBT 6142D Hydration Pouch Kit
    1 - LBT 9034A-500D Admin Pouch

    I have a question on the LBT 2616A. Are there any pictures of this? I would be interested in some type of mag pouch (preferably 2). If this is acceptable for the HK45C mags then I will go for this as well.

    To be entirely honest, I am mainly after the holster. But in the interests of helping to make the quota for these other items I am participating in those as well.


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    I'm in for a mas grey mk24 holster.
    Spent most of my tax return on Hk parts, booze and ammo....the rest I just wasted

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    Lightbulb Update:

    *CharlieTuna I will answer your LBT 2616A question soon.


    Units required remaining to reach minimum quantity:

    ~2 x Holster(s)
    ~10 x Plate Carrier(s) (~7 more, if all 5 of our 6094's sell on forums)
    ~17 x 70 oz Hydro(s) (~13, if I get 4 more)

    Not all items are listed, only those close to meeting quantity.


    We are close to possibly meeting quantity on the holsters, if everyone comes through.

    This week, payment requests will be made to all of you, who have so kindly made a pledge for the holster and waited patiently.

    Please look for an email and/or PM in your spam folder coming soon or later this week.

    I would have preferred we go over the top several fold, to account for the curve balls and duds. A 70% back out rate is expected, but let us see how many payments come in and we will go from there.

    Payment: Cashiers's Checks from your bank where you have an account, Personal Checks and possibly PP provided if it is fee free.

    If any of you are short of $ at this time, perhaps I can cover for you, especially if any of our other overpriced items sell on the forums to serve as a micro reserve.

    Worse case, if LBT indicates offer is no longer valid, etc., your payments will be returned.

    $112.14 for each holster.

    Please Specify

    _________ Right Hand and Quantity desired _________


    _________ Left Hand and Quantity desired _________

    Please also include your email and shipping address with your return email and payment with HKPro user name.

    The shipping portion will be charged when the holsters are delivered by LBT and prepared for shipment.

    Postal rates may change first of the year, let us hope LBT delivers before that.

    I do not think it fair for you to pay a portion of the shippings now as well, would be like listed below:

    For USA.

    Please select:

    (Not Recommended, holds 1 x Holster)

    $6.45 Priority Mail™ Flat Rate Envelope


    (holds up to 1-4 x Holsters)

    $13.45 Priority Mail™ Medium Flat Rate Box


    (holds up to 7-8, maybe 1-2 more squeezed in, x Holsters)

    $18.75 Priority Mail™ Large Flat Rate Box USA
    $16.75 Priority Mail™ Large Flat Rate Box APO/FPO/DPO

    For additional USPS services, Signature, Insurance, etc., please refer to link below for over the counter rates and add to these amounts.

    To keep postage low these extras services are optional so your items are being shipped at your own risk. At minimum I would have preferred adding Direct Signature and Insurance to be as sure as possible.

    All others please email.

    A Caution:

    If you see any of these Group Buy MAS Grey PC's for sale, please be very careful.

    In preparing the group buy, some samples were sought. So they could be used as a size reference and shipped to participants and members for test fits, to help better determine size preference.

    Nick from the business below falsely represented a Ranger Green color Releasable UnderWay Plate Carrier as being the MAS Grey color. The carrier was also torn and missing parts,

    Unfortunately Nick's pictures were not visible on the device.

    Nick claims the color is MAS Grey and refuses a refund to make this right.

    Think hard before doing business with these people below:

    Nick at Oak Grove Guns / Oak Grove Ventures

    Oak Grove Ventures
    45 Division Ave. Ste. P
    Eugene, Oregon 97404

    Oak Grove Gun Shop: Eugene, Oregon

    More information and photos to be posted soon. Thank you to everyone.

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