MK23 LAM Unit, group buy?
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Thread: MK23 LAM Unit, group buy?

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    Default MK23 LAM Unit, group buy?


    Thank you for your email and interest in our product.

    As a 20 year employee and former Sales Director for this product into commercial distribution, I’m familiar with the MK23 enthusiast community. While pricing may be extremely elastic for the community, supplying niche products at small quantities does not fit within our business model. Unfortunately, short of a large (~5K) military contract, L3 is not inclined to resume production of the MK23 LAM.

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    I left 2 voice mails with them several months ago on the subject. No reply.

    If you fare better, I would be very interested in jumping in on this, depending on the price.

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    Never going to happen--- older technology and no big market--- heck, we cannot even get 100 for the GG&G Group Buy!!!


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    I agree with AGG. I just don't think it would happen. AFAIC, the best option is to get an acceptable adaptor and a DBAL. If the Mark 23 LAM had IR capability like those available to the Military, I'd be more enthusiastic, but thanks to .gov scatacephally we are not free to have that in the OE LAM. So I keep my LAM for collector value but intend to use a DBAL and adaptor.

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    Yeah I was going to say interested but I don't know that it would happen. Still too bad the gg&g adapters aren't even a go, HKparts should just order the remaining 50.....


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    Dear GG&G: Pretty Pretty please make mk23 adapters. Or SF. I don't really care, but the rhino adaptor is fugly.

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    not gonna happen...we can't even reach 100 on the gg&g mk23 mount and that's cheap $$ LOL:). a lot of people already complain that the mark 23 is so expensive at $2k what makes you think they would want to spend another $2k on a LAM:). there's only a handful that would spend that much on a LAM and that's the honest truth:).

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    The LAM is old tech, but considered a collectors items amongst HK Mark 23 enthusiasts, which is a subset of a small community IMHO. That said, the gg&g adapter for a mark 23 would give you the capability of mounting something just as reliable and durable, but with much higher output (more compact albeit) in a laser/light combo such as a surefire x400 ultra or Streamlight tlr2hl. However, if you want to be a purist as a collector, the LAM is the way to go. The same reason that some will get a KAC suppressor, maritime finished or even socom stamped slide, and a nice London bridge trading holster. That's too much swag for me though!
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    Part of me wants to just get an airsoft LAM and see it it'll fit-just for looks. And to pretend I'm on Shadow Moses Island.

    I DID see one on gunbroker a couple years ago... $5000 plus. woof.

    That being said, if there was a way we could all mount up and try to see if we can bug them enough, I'd be interested.

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    I would be interested too. We got enough for the KAC can so maybe?

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