Mark 23 / Surefire Adapter Group Buy: Round 2 - LIMIT 50
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Thread: Mark 23 / Surefire Adapter Group Buy: Round 2 - LIMIT 50

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    Default Mark 23 / Surefire Adapter Group Buy: Round 2 - LIMIT 50

    Hello again HKPro,

    After @Sextus and I put together the Surefire X300U Adapter Group Buy, those who were late to the party inquired about the availability of additional adapters.
    This thread is Round 2 for the Surefire Adapters. Due to machine time constraints, this run is limited to 50 adapters.

    On the first group buy we were able to deliver a high quality light adapter for the Mark 23 that brings the light as close to the frame of the handgun as possible, resulting in a rugged yet low profile design.
    If there is another Mark 23 adapter on the market that has more thought, attention to detail, and quality material selection put into it, I am unaware of it.

    Mark 23 / Surefire Adapter Group Buy: Round 2 -  LIMIT 50-received_2655460677805401.jpeg

    Mark 23 / Surefire Adapter Group Buy: Round 2 -  LIMIT 50-2019-03-12-07.25.00.jpg


    -Single slot on solid 1913-spec picatinny rail
    -7075 Aluminum Alloy (machined and media blasted)
    -Type III Class 2 Hard Coat Anodized
    -Low profile, anti-snag design

    Retaining Screw:
    -316 Stainless Steel (for maximum corrosion resistance)
    -Hex head drive (allen key provided)


    Price per adapter is $150 + $10 shipping.
    I will accept payment by PayPal Friends & Family or USPS Money Order ONLY.
    I will begin collecting payment once we have reached 50, then the machinist will be paid, and it will be approximately 4 weeks until the adapters ship.

    Some in the other thread griped about the payment method, but it was the easiest way for me to get the machinist paid, and everyone who purchased a mount received theirs and has expressed satisfaction with the final product.

    These adapters are one-off, custom parts, so the quantity ordered will be the quantity delivered. No extras will be available after the fact, and there are no refunds or cancellations. If by some fluke your adapter is lost in the mail, I will make it right. There were three individuals on the last run who were severely delayed by USPS, but ultimately received their adapters. I kept them informed and reassured through the process, and they are all satisfied with the exchange.

    How to order:

    To secure your order, simply comment on this thread with your desired quantity. Shortly thereafter, I will PM you with instructions on payment and inquire about your shipping address. When the limit of 50 has been reached, no additional orders can be accepted.
    SHIPPING ADDRESS - Be absolutely, 100% positive your are sending me the correct shipping address. I know it sounds like a no brainer, but I will be putting exactly what you send me on the shipping label. If it is incorrectly formatted, it will only mean headaches for both of us.
    PRIVATE MESSAGES - Ensure private messages are enabled on your account. If you cannot receive private message replies on this site, you must provide me with an alternate contact method or I will not be able to communicate with you.


    Several have inquired if the adapter will fit other lights. Here is a list of lights that have been reported to work with the mount:
    (This is not a complete list, it is only what I have been able to verify.)

    Surefire X300U-B *
    Surefire X300U-A *
    Surefire X400-B
    Inforce APL
    Streamlight TLR-1
    Steiner SBAL-PL
    Steiner DBAL-PL *
    Viridian X5L Gen 2 & Gen 3

    * Confirmed, will fit the LBT Mk23 OHWS Holster

    Thank you to everyone in advance for participating.

    Buyer's List 50/50:

    Sextus - 2 PAID
    320737 - 1 PAID
    737shark - 1 PAID
    ACR6 - 1 PAID
    akriet - 1 PAID
    azimuth - 1 PAID
    bastardsonofelvis - 1 PAID
    boosa - 1 PAID
    Cduke - 1
    CYF - 1 PAID
    Doc44ga - 1 PAID
    F.E.A.R. - 1 PAID
    HK23E - 1 PAID
    Invisible_Enron_CEO - 1 PAID
    JDMYERS88 - 1 PAID
    Klaustrophobia - 1 PAID
    LiamA - 1 PAID
    Lilis - 1 PAID
    mikv37 - 1 PAID
    MK23Noob - 1 PAID
    MK23RYAN - 1 PAID
    MobsterOO7 - 1 PAID
    MP5me - 1 PAID
    navydude86 - 1 PAID
    navyman8903 - 1 PAID
    Nighthawk28 - 1 PAID
    Noj182 - 1 PAID
    PewPew - 1 PAID
    pysaki - 1 PAID
    RedRiverII - 1 PAID
    Rubicon2003 - 1 PAID
    Samstone - 1 PAID
    Sapper6 - 1 PAID
    skullbox - 1 PAID
    Speeddemon02 - 1 PAID
    spence - 1
    Spleen - 2 PAID
    streetbob - 1 PAID
    SwarfWorks - 1 PAID
    tunatales - 2 PAID
    waylon43 - 1 PAID
    yz125racer - 2 PAID
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    Again, post here only with the quantity you are committed to.

    Once we get close to the total, I will send out mass PMs to everyone.

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    I was in on the first buy. Great job, great adapter. Please put me down for 1.
    Same address and email as before.


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    I'd like to purchase one of these.

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    I’m in put me down for one

    David Whitson AKA 737shark
    Pm on the way

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    Get 'em while they're hot, boys. These things are super sweet. I love mine and Gator has been a real sound member for doing this. Since there are only a limited number this time I'll hold off ordering another until everyone who wants one can get in on it. If there is an extra slot down this road, I'll slip in and pick up an extra. Thanks again for doing this.
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    Two please.

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    1 for me please

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    I would like another one please, thanks

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    I would like to purchase 1 please.

    Thanks to Gator and the other facilitators for making this happen!

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