This is generally one of the very first questions that comes flying off the keyboard from new members here. The first thing that question does is tell the moderators that you haven't read the rules. Yep, the ones that you were directed to when your membership was first established. Might be a good idea to go ahead and do that now:

Feel free to think that our rules are silly and over-bearing. This forum was created primarily as an information venue. The Marketplace, while vibrant, is secondary. And bleating that you cannot post your for sale ads just strikes a sour chord. It also makes us quite wary. We have very few problems with sales in the Marketplace. When we do, it almost always involves a new member. So someone who is that eager to start selling usually arouses suspicion and sometimes derision. We take active and passive measures to prevent this headlong rush into busting your Marketplace cherry.

  1. There is a 51 post minimum before you can start a post in the Marketplace.
  2. Do not start whining right after you hit 51 posts that you have not been given permission. It's an automated process and will happen when it happens.
  3. There is also a time factor involved. If you grab those 51 posts too fast, permission will not be granted.
  4. Sandbagging, which is running up your post count, will not be tolerated.