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    Red face Merry Christmas HKPro!

    It was the morning of Christmas and straightgrain proclaimed...

    Forget that. Poetry is *not* my strong suit! It's a brisk 34 in Katy and it will quickly warm up to about 65 today. The whole fam damily will be over soon for our Christmas breakfast. We did the stocking thing last night and I got my new Brous Caliber knife and a pack of HK snap hook key chains...I am sure that there is a lot that all of us can be thankful for and a lot for each of us to feel blessed and loved. Remember that passion is the reason for the season. There is no better passion that can be bestowed upon someone than a gift of kindness.

    I know that it is sappy and that the news is overflowing with folks who seem to out do each other this time of year in trying to be a better giver than the next guy. Diamond rings in red kettles, cops handing out $100 bills instead of citations, furniture stores making dreams come true. That is all very cool and very much appreciated. So now I ask each of you to dig down in your soul and promise to do the right thing.

    Each Christmas I make a special effort after the family is done with their stuff. I put on my volunteer shirt and my Santa hat and head down to Memorial Hermann hospital. I visit the folks in the cancer ward and I visit the folks in the orthopedic trauma ward (spent some time visiting one of our own, diesel1959, there a LOT!). I figure that the last place those folks want to be on Christmas is in a hospital. So I show up and make corny jokes and BS with them for a bit. Doesn't make me better than anyone else. Makes me feel good because doing it fills a hole in my soul. Yeah, sometimes I feel guilty for getting better. In just over a week I will be celebrating the third anniversary of my remission. I got something out of it, so I gotta give something back.

    And while I am celebrating that anniversary, I will be on the road. I'm making a road trip to Kansas to attend a memorial service on the 3rd. I have a dear friend who I have known for many years. She and I share a similar, hyper-charged level of snark/sarcasm. We've never had the opportunity to meet in real life (IRL, as those kids call it). Her husband recently came to peace after a pretty ugly battle with brain cancer. I've been offering support as both a friend and a cancer volunteer since the diagnosis. I've wanted to go visit before, but was always cognizant that me being there would be more stressful than any help I could offer, so I respected boundaries. Well, now it is time to be there. I will do this for her and for their kids. I will also do it for me. I will show what I have learned: that doing the right thing is easy, knowing what's right is the thing (nods to LBJ). It's not tough to get in the car and drive. These days, it's not even all that expensive. And wearing a dark suit is a snap. The mindless task of polishing my black dress shoes gives me pause to reflect. Knowing that I should get up and go and that the act of doing so is important to many... A little more difficult for me to learn. I blew off *so* much of that stuff "before"... I can be *that* guy. But I can also be *that* guy. Two different that's. It's my choice.

    And that is what I am going to ask each of you to do. Be *that* guy (or gal). Once or twice this year. More if you decide it feels good. Circling the parking lot and happen upon a primo spot when somebody yammering on the cell phone swipes it? Move on. Hold a door open for somebody who is a bit older and moving a bit slower. Got a little extra energy? Mow your neighbor's yard while you are tackling yours. Call a long lost cousin and play the "remember when?" game. What *it* is really doesn't matter. Recognizing the opportunity for it and doing it does. I'm rambling; my apologies (I *so* wanted to use a semi colon on Christmas). The point is that I am asking each of you to do something nice for someone else this coming year. An HKPro Pay It Forward, if you will.

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    What happened to my thread ? HA HA HA ! Merry Christmas to you and all of the other knuckleheads on this forum !

    My neighbor is 93 and I help him and his wife with cooking today . I also meant to say that he was a B-29 Instructor Pilot back in WWII .It was a COLD job.
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    Good on you!

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    I often skip over long-winded posts; yours I read. Thank you.

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    MERRY CHRISTMAS to my HK family!
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    When I lost my dad to lung cancer 3 years ago, it changed me. I try very hard to not sweat the small stuff even though I am (at times) surrounded by people that want more than to drag me down into their BS. This is especially true in my line of work. There is more to life and it's good to see that there are people willing to make this world a slightly better place. Consider the "do something nice for someone else" done for this year and will continue to do into 2015.

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Merry Christmas!

    I started a new tradition with my kids last night as they were going to bed so that Santa could eventually come to the house. My wife read a children's christmas book and I read Luke 2 (not al of it, of course). It was rather nice.

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    THX SG!
    great post
    My wife had a double lung transplant in July and our lives have been touched by many with this same attitude you hold.
    I can say from the receiving end that it does actually make a large impact and lessens the burden.

    We had similar experiences in 2008 with her liver transplant (including many well wishes from HKPro)
    and learned then the value of these reachings-out and employed them ourselves to 'pay it fwd' as they say.

    Yet, it is soon learned there is NO 'cost' involved. Only gain for everyone.

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    Hoping that all of my HK brethren had a happy and blessed, Merry Christmas!!!


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    Belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year!
    "Not by strength by guile"

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