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    I played. Since they were kind enough to ask, I requested a USP with a trigger like the Sig Legion SAO as something I'd like them to come up with. I'll let everyone know when their CEO calls me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tug View Post
    Gentlemen, there is something rotten in Denmark.

    I can tell you that either this is a cynical scam to pacify the customers who complain about HK customer service, or this is an example of undergraduate level marketing work, at best Here is why......

    Just think for a minute what the pile of surveys looks like in the marketing manager's in box. Totally useless to a pro. Just a jumble of thousands of ideas. Who is going to collate it? Nobody. How is anyone going to quantify the responses? It is impossible. What management decision could be made from the steaming pile of junk? None. But the question hanging over this whole venture is what was the objective in the first place

    This is qualitative research. Qualitative research is best in small groups, like focus groups. After themes and topics are fleshed out, then, and only then can surveys be constructed. Every single question in a survey has (or should have) a quantitative purpose. Powerful statistical software is useless if the questions are junk. This survey is junk to a real marketing professional. Junk as qualitative. Junk as quantitative.

    In a way I am offended. The idea that all these people spending their precious time filling out this survey will have any impact is offensive. The idea that HK would develop products and features based on these surveys is down right scary. I cannot imagine walking into a meeting and recommending products (which will have to be designed, tested, and manufactured) based on these surveys. I would not do it. It would be marketing malpractice.

    Just who is running the marketing department at HK? Do they have one day formal business training? An MBA with a marketing research major? A statistics minor? Those are serious questions. Or are they former military, former police? There is a place for door-kickers. There is also a place for marketing professionals. I would not have a crew of MBA's doing night raids and I would not have a crew of special forces doing marketing research.

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