HK is Runnng a Survey
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Thread: HK is Runnng a Survey

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    Default HK is Runnng a Survey

    If you are so inclined, please participate!

    Wondering what happened to your posts???
    Please take a moment to re-read the terms that
    you agreed to
    when you signed up:
    Hidden Content .

    Help bring sense to the NFA world, join Hidden Content .

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    Good survey and questions

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    When I submitted my answers it said survey was closed.
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    Was HK aware of this survey ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crashmc View Post
    Was HK aware of this survey ?
    I saw it on their FB page

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    Survey also says “closed” when I go to the link above — pity

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    What was the survey about???


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    There are 11 questions, these are some of the questions I can remember.
    1. What would make you trade in your current pistol or turn it into a safequeen?
    2. What are the important/features to you regarding in purchasing a handgun
    3. What do you thoughts regarding magazine capacity for the American Market?
    6. Regarding Sights - What sights do you prefer and what do you like about them
    7. Do you modify anything in your handgun, what are those?
    8. What are "mission critical" features that are important and what are optional features that you want?
    9. Regarding Modularity & What do you think should be.
    10. Do you want to get additional survey from HK (email)
    11. What other features are you looking for a handgun?

    Hopefully, someone can chime in & finish the rest or correct some of the info. Thanks
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    The survey may be closed because SG already completed it off his link, the link could be individualized.

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    I click on SG's link earlier and was able to fill out the survey. The survey probably was good for certain amount of participants (i.e. 200-500).

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