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Thread: Merry Christmas!

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    Merry Christmas to all of my HKPRO brothers and sisters!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by straightgrain View Post
    Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Krampus, Festivus, Solstice... Whatever your chosen mode of holiday festivity, including none at all, the staff of HKPro and VerticalScope wishes each of you the very best. May your holiday be peaceful and joyous.

    I will share a little story if you are so inclined to read on. It's been a rough year for my house. Family has passed, several surgeries and the normal drama of life. But there has also been some good stuff. I'm still in remission from cancer. That's actually a pretty big deal since I am now at the far right side of the bell curve of results from the clinical trial I was in. My oldest daughter became officially engaged to the man of her dreams, a man I will be proud to call son. And I got a desk set.

    It's not in great shape. It is worn, chipped and beaten. But it's home now. The desk was bought in the late 60's by my grandfather. He passed in the 70's and my uncle started using it. It made the journey from building to building over the years. My uncle retired and his son began using it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My cousin had moved on and the desk was just sitting unused in an empty office that used to belong to my father. The building had been sold and things were being cleared out. My uncle called me and asked me if I wanted the desk set. He had no way to retrieve it and it would be a shame if it just got junked.

    Well I'm not exactly fully functional. I am still in the "cannot lift anything after elbow surgery" mode. Wifey is not a help because she is less than two weeks post hip replacement (though she has already jettisoned the walker). But I was able to cajole some friends into some assistance. Furniture mats, four-wheeled dollies, awkward angles, selective cussing, pickup truck, ratchet straps... And I got a desk set.

    I am carefully figuring out how it's going to go into my office. What gets to stay, what goes, what moves... How it will all work. But it's here. It's home. Merry Christmas.
    And, throughout it all, you’ve managed to be my biggest cheerleader (besides my wife), and it has been greatly appreciated! It’s been an interesting and demanding year for both our families. And we’re stronger for it!

    Happy Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas SG!

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    Merry Christmas to the HKPRO family

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    Merry Christmas yall!!

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    Merry Christmas to the members of HKPro

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    Happy HK Holidays and Merry Christmas to all here at HKPRO ~

    New Year 2018 ~ Here We Come ~
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    When lives are at stake...
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    Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas, SG. Here's hoping '18 is a healthier year for you and yours.
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