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    Its mothers day this weekend and my old man has been the one that raised me right and been there for me and itll fit him just fine. He would look damn good in a nice hk shirt for fathers that are also mothers day.
    Spent most of my tax return on Hk parts, booze and ammo....the rest I just wasted

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    Because if the shirt is black, that’s what I call “Formal Wear” and I’ve got a wedding to go to.
    ”What do you want to discuss now, my favorite color?”–Col. Nathan R. Jessup

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    My sister is a bleeding heart liberal and her initials just happen to be "HK"

    Interestingly, she just loves wearing the "HK" hat I gave her a few years ago.
    Now, she needs a matching shirt!

    There is no greater pleasure for an HK fan than to have
    ALL his family outfitted in proper HK attire (esp. unwittingly)!
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    I absolutely don't want it. Period.

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    The first pistol I ever shot was a USP 40 at a range event when I was 14 years old and growing up in Southern Cali. These 5 rounds in the 10 ring started a life long obsession and I continue to collect as many HK pistols and rifles I canafford (including whatever additional "cool" gear to match). All this is in some weird way an attempt to get the "authentic" HK look and fee, even if it feels weird to shoot. I also have acquire challenge coins, hats, mugs, range bags, tools, and a STACK of HK stickers all the way up my arm. And so after 20 years of searching, buying, and collecting....I don't own a single HK shirt. And that makes me just a little sad.

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    Because it’s been about the worst week ever for me. I put my HK 9 mm Match in the trunk of my car and loaded up my dog HK to go to the range to have some fun. On the way to the range we got in a wreck. It totaled my car. I hit my head and ruined my HK hat. They had to cut my HK shirt open to stop the bleeding. While I lay on the stretcher beside the road, my dog HK got ran over. In all of the excitement someone stole my HK Match out of the trunk. I’m laying in the hospital bed with a body cast on. I’m pretty depressed and stressed, so a new HK shirt might help me decide life is worth going on instead of taking the quick way out. You could be a “HERO” and save a life.

    Naw, I had ya going. I’m having a good week, but I would like a nice HK shirt to go with it.


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    Because I have 2 Match 9mm USP’s. And I’m fat, tall and have long hair. Fat male version of Angelina Jolie over here...
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    USP 9 (AA)
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    USP Match 9 (KH)
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    USP Tactical 45 (KK) w/ KAC USPT
    MARK 23 (KG) w/ KAC MK23
    TBT USC/UMP 9MM SBR (AI) w/ AAC TiRant 9
    TBT SL8-6/G36C 300BLK SBR (BA) w/ AAC 762SDN6
    TBT SL8-6/G36C 5.56 SBR (BA) w/ AAC M42000
    WTB: HK94 Receiver (IG preferably)
    WTB: SP89 Receiver (IK only)

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    Gets the Shakes if No HK Contact in 24 Hour Period

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    If you don't send it to me i'll start posting animated gifs of my naked 500# form oscillating in such a way as to have the fat rolls on my belly slowly roll back and forth, like calming waves on the ocean. :D
    Rules to live by: 1. Eat meat... 2. Shoot guns... 3. Fire... 4. Gasoline... 5. Make juniors

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    Because I currently have 28,658 posts!!!

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    Because aint nobody got a body like my body and I can rock my body better than everybody. That shirt would be like me wearing a thong at one of them gentlemens clubs I have never been to or spent money in, and everybody would like to see me rock my body. ESPECIALLY YOU social media girl!! Dont be mad you caint be me!!
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