Rise of the Coronids! Contest Time
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Thread: Rise of the Coronids! Contest Time

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    Default Rise of the Coronids! Contest Time

    We're all becoming more progressively home-bound. We all know that there is going to be a considerable surge in babies due in about 9 months, as well. Here's your chance to win a 25% off coupon to the HK Webshop. Spin a yarn. Make it a good one and include coronaviru/covid-19 and HK's in your story line. Post it here. Begging and pandering is always appreciated. @diesel1959 will be the judge of these shenanigans and he will decide when the contest ends. And... GO!

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    We have all been asked to stay at home and practice social distancing because of the corona virus. Since this has happened, I’ve been getting an overwhelming number of invitations from lady friends & acquaintances. So many that I’m having to cherry pick a little. I ask them to name any HK firearm. If they can name one, Let’s talk. If they own one, I’m on my way now!
    So, I’m going to need that coupon to get night shirts & spare magazines for these wonderful women.

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    It was day three of the Coronavirus lockdown and the neighborHOOD was getting squirrely.

    I sharply awoke at 0300 to the sound of a gunshot in the distance. pffft I thought, sounded like a Glock. In the dark I reached to check the exact placement of my trusty VP9 lying on the nightstand, and in the pitch blackness was comforted by the slight protrusion of the chambered round indicator when I brushed it with my index finger. I slipped back into my dream... I was just getting ready to breach the window in Operation Nimrod ...
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    I survived CoroNah 2020 and all they gave me was this lousy T-shirt I need that 25percent to restock my HK Wares
    Rise of the Coronids! Contest Time-survivor.jpg
    I'm also down to one Roll of Chitty SandPaper TP
    Rise of the Coronids! Contest Time-rs.jpg
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    keep 'em coming, people!
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    Sparkplugs are irrelevant.
    Plenty of HK's and clones.

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    Grandpa, what did you do in the corona virus pandemic?

    I was tailgunner on a Charmin truck...

    I fix the radar you'all try to stay under...

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    My state is in COVID-19 lockdown. The wife suggested I try an arts and crafts project of some type for the house. I thought about and decided "well...why not?".

    Rise of the Coronids! Contest Time-20200327_140057.jpg
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    In nine months when all this stay at home in place is done, there will be a large amount of births. How much to you think that one of these kids is named COVID ? My wife worked in the Prosecutors office in the child support division. They compiled a list of some of the crazy names these women give their kids. Probably while laying in the hospital looking at posters on the wall.Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, are just some of the names these women have given their kids from posters at the hospital. Of course they have no idea what they mean.
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    I have done what you fear to do
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    My new mag follower's red,
    And Corona's a flu.
    Send me that coupon,
    To upgrade my pew pew.

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    At least the Coronavirus is in HK Colors! No compromise!

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