This should not require explanation. That said, the admins and moderators of this forum do a pretty damn good job of weeding out the spammers and scammers. But like every game of whack-a-mole, they do keep upping their game. Many of you do a great job of alerting an admin or mod when you see something that's just not right. There are many ways to report issues. In every PM, on the left side as you scroll down, is triangle shaped warning (!) symbol that you can click on to report a suspicious PM. Do it. You can also PM an admin or mod directly. Do it. Or you can click the Contact Us link down below. We're pretty good, but your help is appreciated.

We have been having a spate of scammy PM's. The Scammer in question has managed to reincarnate several times and has always been zapped and banned ASAP. We have no doubt he will try to come back because he has been doing this all over many forums across the country and across a variety of subjects. We will zap/ban as soon as we are aware. We are human, though...

In the mean time:

  • If you receive a PM from a new/low post member that magically has something that you are looking for and directs you to email somebody for more information... STOP. IT IS A SCAM. Report it immediately.
  • Quality deals happen with members who are known quantities.
  • Always be suspicious of offers from new members or those with no feedback score.
  • If the deal seems too good to be true, IT IS LIKELY A SCAM.