Let's See Your MP5's!
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Thread: Let's See Your MP5's!

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    Default Let's See Your MP5's!

    All right, it appears that all of the HK pistols have their own threads and even the USC/UMP's are getting their own, yet no searching or flipping through pages has yielded an appropriate thread for the illustrious MP5. Therefore, I suggest we start one, while I'm stuck waiting for the rest of my parts to come in for my build.

    Any and all MP5's are welcome!

    (Edit: I received my outstanding build from Jeff at PCS. Teaser pics on page 5 while I wait for my stamps to come back!)
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    Ive been hunting too. only suggested i found was the clone thread, but i would love to see (find) a dedicated MP5 thread....

    edit: this include clones too not just genuine German gold ;-)
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    This is now it fellas! You are the enablers. Get those pics posted here ASAP. We who can't own them are dying to see them!
    ~Live & let Die~

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    Here are a couple of mine posted over in members gallery.

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    I posted this pic before on occassion but its still one that some of you have not seen I suspect.

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    One of the First pictures I took from my MP5

    A more recent one

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    Let's See Your MP5's!-jan-2011-054.jpg
    HK 911
    DJF 89k SBR (waiting)
    DJF 89SD SBR (waiting)
    HK MR556A1 Upper Receiver (work in progress)
    SW MP5k-10mm (work in progress)
    SW MP5k-40 (work in progress)
    PTR PDW 308
    FMP 1/89 G3S
    IGF Built MP5 Pistol
    HK 91
    HK 53 with S&H Sear
    USP 9mm SD
    Mark 23
    CA 89k
    CA 89 converted to SBR
    CA 94
    USP 40

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    How much did MP5s cost when they came out? I will be forever jealous.
    HK KG M"ark" 23 w/ camo case. Knights Armament Corp MARK23/USPT Full size suppressor.
    HK BC P30(00) 9mmx19 V3 w/ Meprolight TruDot tritium night sights
    HK BD HK45C(T) V1 FDE w/ Meprolight TruDot tritium night sights
    HK BG SP5K Cal. 9mmx19

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomketchum View Post
    How much did MP5s cost when they came out? I will be forever jealous.
    What you don't know won't hurt you.

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    Here are my HK MP5s: MP5SD-N, MP5-N, MP5K-N and MP5K



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