New range in Elgin: Fox Valley Shooting Range
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Thread: New range in Elgin: Fox Valley Shooting Range

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    Default New range in Elgin: Fox Valley Shooting Range

    I mostly shoot shotgun sports, sorry, hope I don't get thrown out of the HKPro group. That being said, the surrounding ranges to practice with my handguns always made me very uncomfortable. For the most part they were filthy, poor customer service and simply put, not an environment that was conducive to serious shooting in a comfortable setting. Hence, my practicing was limited to a couple of times per year, which frankly the main reason I never got my CCP because I didn't practice enough to be comfortable pulling a weapon in a public setting. One of my pet peeves with most folks who do get their CC. Anyhow, I digress. The range above, Fox Valley in Elgin is really a step up. It is professionally run by Mark and Kitty Glavin, it is clean, safe, a great selection of firearms and a shop that was set up make the shooting experience really appealing to everyone. I am really motivated to now go out and practice with my H&Ks, get proficient and then get my CC. The range is definitely a great place to practice, attend training and really move the sport forward instead of turning them off. I hope some of you in Northern Illinois, western suburbs check them out. Thanks for your ear! Happy shooting all.

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    Do they rent HKs?

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