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Thread: Anyone else just hear the news?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kabob View Post
    I guess you hate having electricity, running clean water, hospitals and not being invaded by every tinpot dictatorship in the world?
    I guess, or you know, I was joking about the old west thing. Kinda hard to tell what with the text based interaction here. But like Blitzkrieg said, we can have those without stupidity involved.

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    Maybe in utopia. Sorry, but you're always going to have people abusing power once they get ahold of it. I've never seen a country with a very weak government and strong decentralization also have a strong national defense and a decent standard of living. It's a sad tradeoff. But I'll be on board with y'all if you find one.

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    I'll take freedom every time
    Yes Virginia, there are ancient conspiracies in high places

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