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Thread: Kansas - KC Metro - HK Guns Available for Rent

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    Default Kansas - KC Metro - HK Guns Available for Rent

    Centerfire Shooting Sports in Olathe has added the VP9 and HK45T to their roster of rental guns; previously included were a P30Lv3 9mm and USP .45 Tactical. I believe they also rent suppressors as well, which makes for a nice combination for those that want to shoot .45.

    They have a VP9 review on their FB page, which was posted on Feb 19th. I might tell them that there's already been a VP9 that's had 3,000 rounds through it there, so 10 rounds isn't anything special.


    If anyone out there knows of any other places to rent HK's in the area, please comment below...
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    The Bullet Hole in Overland Park KS also has HKs for rent. The Bullet Hole
    They've got p30 and VP series, in 9mm and .40SW. Did NOT have any LEM variants for rent the last time I went there, about a year ago, and at that time the variants of the p30 they had were v3.
    Nice place to be able to put some rounds through one to try it out, but their target hangers leave something to be desired, as they swing from side to side when you send them downrange.
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