Any KC MO/KS shooters here?
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Thread: Any KC MO/KS shooters here?

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    Default Any KC MO/KS shooters here?

    Hi folks! I'm really not sure if this is the place for this, and I didn't really see anything in the rules about this. So if I'm in error, please definitely let me know, and I apologize in advance. goes. Are there any members looking through here, that are in/near the Kansas City area? MO or KS? If so, can you make any recommendations, or give accounts to some of the indoor firing ranges in the area? Like Gladstone, Overland Park, Independance, Lenexa, areas like that.

    Generally, I've always gone to The Bullethole there in Shawnee/Overland Park. It' adequate place to shoot.
    However, my next trip out to the range, I'm taking some First Time Shooters along with me. (Or rather, they're taking me, I can't drive.)
    I'm already spending some time about once a week going over what they need to know. Teaching them the pistols, teaching them safety, how to aim, how to load, how to keep their finger off the trigger, how to always treat a firearm as if it were loaded, all the stuff that I would go over with anybody that I've never gone shooting with, before.

    However, since it IS their first time shooting, I want it to be a good experience for them, one of them being a 12 year old. Who will possibly be posting some of his targets, and pics of him shooting on his social media page.
    As I said, I want it to be a good experience for them both. Especially him.

    The way the targets SWING AROUND after being sent down the lane, does NOT make for good groupings on the targets, unless you wanna wait possiby 5 minutes for them to finally settle down, which really breaks your stride, disrupts your momentum, etc.

    Any recommendations?

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    I like Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit. Haven’t been to the new one out by the Legends. I have taken my son and his (inexperienced) friend (12 yrs old at the time) to Centerfire Shooting Sports in Olathe. Both charge around $16 per shooter per lane. Call ahead regarding waivers for kids. Centerfire let us bring a signed waiver. FJ requires the parent to be present. I grew up going to Missouri Conservation outdoor ranges, so both of these are ‘boutique’ ranges in my opinion. But I like them for pistols and frequent them.
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    I am southeast of KC about an hour and shoot at some of the ranges in KC area. I agree that the bullet hole is a little dated. They seem nice there and its functional but a little old. Frontier Justice in Lee's Summit is a nice new facility. There are several lanes in each one of the shooting bays. I would recommend going at an off-peak time if you are trying to take someone new. I have not been to their store on the west side (Legends area). It is brand new so I am sure it is very good as well. I have only shot at Centerfire a couple of times a few years ago. It too was relatively new and the staff there was very helpful, keep an eye on shooters etc. Those are about all I really know of or have been to.

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