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    Default Massachusetts compliant VP9

    Other than the mag capacity, what make a VP9 compliant or not in Massachusetts?

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    No idea , thought only cali had a list
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    End of barrel welded shut??

    I know Walther sells a MA version of the PPS that has like a 12LB trigger pull and comes with a brass casing fired from the pistol but I think MA has done away with the need for the fired brass casing because it was a total waste of time and money.
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    The vp9 is on the eops roster for compliancy. A 10 rnd mag and a unusually harsh trigger should be the only requirements

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    Wait, MA requires a trigger modification?

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    Quote Originally Posted by airforce1 View Post
    Wait, MA requires a trigger modification?
    My (uneducated, non-legal) understanding is that MA has an approved firearm roster and to get on that roster, it has to meet certain criteria. In substance, the criteria require a 10+ lb. trigger pull weight. Here's a link to the Approved Weapons Roster Regulation.

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    That is correct. I lived in people's republic of MA for 15 years and recently retired in AZ. 10 round mag limit and 10lb trigger.

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