SBR Laws in Michigan?
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Thread: SBR Laws in Michigan?

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    Default SBR Laws in Michigan?

    Well I know its against STATE law to posess an SBR in Michigan, however does Federal Law with a Form 1 trump this and allow me to legalls posess one? Any input is appreciated, I'm a little reluctant to call the ATF and ask hehe
    I have a slight HK problem.

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    Just call and leave a message.

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    state law trumps federal law. Basically state law has all the federal stuff plus added crap .

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    It will not work. I tried to purchase a can from my C3 dealer and sent in the paper work and it got denied. They said state "Michigan" law does allow suppressors. So I assume the same would happen with the SBR. I got my $200 dollar check back a couple months later.

    You can try but it will probably be denied. I still have the can and it stays at my C3 dealer and I shoot it whenever I go to his shop. Hope this helps. Don't be afraid to call them.

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    If State law prohibits SBR, thar's it. I know it sucks. But, you will be wasting your time to try. Best thing is to change your State law on SBR's then proceed with Form 1.

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    There has been talk lately about the introduction of legislation allowing Silencers in MI. I think there is something already introduced not sure if it is in the Senate or House of Reps. for the state. Of course like everything else in the state lately, if it makes sense or brings in money it probably will not go anywhere. I would check the state's website for pending legislation, or try contacting your representatitive.

    Good Luck & Keep Trying!

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    Yeah, I know I'm just "Blown away!!"

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    The SBR and SBS prohibition in MI is a separate statute and not covered by the very good AG opinion opening the door to machine guns; we're still waiting and hoping for an expansion of that opinion to include suppressors since they are identified in the same statute as the mg's. Your only exemption for an SBR is to possess it pursuant to an appropriate Fed. license, such as a C & R or an FFL/SOT. ATF will not allow either the making or transfer in or to Michigan otherwise since it is banned by State law.

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    My understanding on MI SBR Is NO WAY right now.
    The ONLY way you can SBR anything is if you are Class 3 Dealer that can transfer Dealer only and posses,
    You OWN a C3 Registerd MG. You can then Change your weapon to any configuration you wish as far as length only having to notify ATF of PERMNENT lentgh change.

    SORY KIDS, NO CANS AS OF YET, but keep on writing into MR. Cox, he is one of the good guys and trying for us to obtain Cans
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    Cans would be wonderful. I am going to send a letter to Mr. Cox this week and try convince my friends and family to do the same. I am hoping one day that our governing bodies will realize that criminals cause crime and not guns.

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