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    Default Suffolk county psitol permit holders

    What's up guys?
    I have a question for all Suffolk county residents that have their pistol permits. Its now September and I had my interview in June. I'd like to think it went well. The officer seemed to like me. Now it's just waiting. They haven't contacted any of my references or my job yet. It's brutal just watching deal after deal pass me by on the web while I sit and wait. I heard 5-6 months. Just wondering what everyone else went thru as far as time for their permit. I go shooting when I'm in Pa and since I'm probably not going to be there again till the spring, it' just blows if you know what I'm saying. I wish this was Fl. Dope weather, shall issue, no "assault" bans, or capacity.

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    they are pretty backed up over there. after my interview I waited exactly 6 months and 1 day and then I called my investigator. Left her a message. The day after that my wife got the phone call to verify everything was okay at home and it was issued a few long as there's nothing in your background to hang you up I would look for it right around the 6 month mark. Good luck

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