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    Default NYC Gun Owners – ALERT

    by NYSRPA | Sep 13, 2016 | Armed Citizen, Latest, Legal, News |

    It has come to our attention the NYPD Licensing Division has taken it upon themselves to deny current gun owners approval to add more guns to their license. We are looking into this and need your input. IF YOU have personally been denied a new acquisition approval please contact the NYSRPA at 518-272-2654 or [email protected]. You may also contact contact [email protected] 703.267.1161
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    Let's see now. In their largest city, they have had one mayor who watched his city get bombed when the towers were known targets of previous bombings for years and he dresses as a drag queen every chance he gets and then another mayor who runs around the country with his money, infringing on other states gun rights. I guess Mick Jagger got it right with "life's a big apple, don't mind the maggots".
    Great big city with a well known historical corruption record. It was in a NYC that I was taught by an UC det, how to use an air compressor to turn back a gas meter. Now it was his meter and he was on duty, assigned to witness protection, yet 5 miles from his assigned witness. Of course that was years ago and I thought it quite odd not to mention illegal, never used what he taught me, but the city and state have always been sort of known for being the way it is. No disrespect to the NY people. Great people, great state, great major city. Just far from squeaky clean and for more than half a century, maddening arms laws. IMO.

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    I wouldn't trade my time in NYC for anything, but I'm glad I left. The permit process/ purchase authorization request process always seemed ripe for corruption.

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    Lived close to NYC for a few years when I was young and friends frequently wanted to go there. I always had enough of that place within 24hrs of visiting. Stunk of garbage and piss and full of liberal jerks. Spent my weekends in VT or NH instead.
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