Hey everyone it's been awhile since I've posted but been busy. Now shooting the HK45 in USPSA in Limited 10 (can't shoot major in Production class, so bumped it to Limited 10). It's great to shoot as the recoil is about the same as my USPc 9mm. This is my 4th match of the season, as I'm new to USPSA, and I've only had the HK45 for only a few months.

USPSA Competition. Shooting HK45 in 45ACP Limited 10 division, Class D. Wound up taking 4th place in Limited 10 overall, but 2nd place in my Class D. In this stage was some of my best performances so far, and I took 2nd place for this stage in my division. I saved time by not going up close to the blue barrel and staying back so I just needed to step aside and not all the way back and left. Many folks tried to make it easy by getting as close to the target to the right of the barrel, but they lost 2-3 seconds stepping back and left to engage the targets on the left of the barrel.