This is a Springfield Armory NM M1a Serial #0294xx(1984) I had built to my spec's in 1984. I was an FFL at the time and I'm the original owner. I still have the original build sheet and the factory box. National Match configuration ie; sights front/rear, NM barrel, unitized gas cylinder, piston, and trigger group, flash hider. It was Teflon coated black in 1986/87 by a company in the Midwest, that was the current option for a protective coating over the parkerization in the 80's. The coating has been very durable and remains 98% with only a few very small marks where metal to metal contact and normal use. This rifle conservatively only has + - 500rds through it in the 35 years I have owned it, the bore is clear and bright. Never malfunctions, always very accurate with regular ammo, impeccably maintained.

I ordered this originally with a walnut E2 stock which unfortunately developed a crack in the area under the front band and it was repaired and sold off to be replaced with a standard walnut stock. Fast forward to the future and I met Tony Lawrence aka LAW483, who crafted the pepper laminate E2 it now wears with matching handguard that Tony built around the ARMS #18 low profile 1913 rail mount that holds 100% zero. The stock can only be described as a work of art by any standard, as Tony was a true craftsman. These stocks were custom made to order and hand fitted/bedded to the action.

The bolt, Op Rod, trigger and hammer parts where serialized are also S or SA marked, the barrel markings show NM w/light symbols of what appears to be some type of angled A? on each side of a IXI? symbol. No idea what they mean and are very light. This rifle is unchanged from the original I spec'd in 1984 except for the stock and the ARMS #18 rail.

This rifle will include the following 10 new 20rd CMI magazines, 3 USGI 20rd mags(your choice of mfg. I have several) 1- 10rd(shown) and 1-5rd mag, 4 mag followers, 1 GI combo tool, 1 GI castle nut pliers, 2 sets of firing pin/ejector/spring/extractors, 1 spare gas piston, mag clip guide, factory original box, original build sheet. $3050 shipped insured to your FFL.
Additional detailed pictures available to serious buyers. Not looking for trades.
Multiple GI parts available separately to buyer, References here.