Portland Area gunsmith recommendations.to install Trijicon sites
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Thread: Portland Area gunsmith recommendations.to install Trijicon sites

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    Default Portland Area gunsmith recommendations.to install Trijicon sites

    Hello - After doing some online searching via various forums that came up in the google search for "H&K gunsmith Portland" - I found a lot of poor & scary reviews of various gunshops and gunsmiths - but nobody clearly recommended to install these shiny new Trijicon HD sights onto my p2000sk.

    I just want them installed carefully and correctly. I'm too OCD meticulous with taking care of my firearm to make install price even a major consideration. I'm looking for someone who does a good job - not a fast, sloppy job that results in the discovery of dings, scratches etc later revealed upon closer inspection. Thank you very much for any recommendations!!

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    PM sent

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    Rich's Gun Shop in Donald, the owner carries a P7.
    My very old friend Rob Shepherd at ShepArms in Brownsville Shepherd Home.html

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    It's been very quiet on the regional forums lately. Hi Oregon! How is your day going?

    I'm also looking for recommendations and also seen mixed reviews around town. I just want to swap a front sight on my expert. Anyone had good/bad experiences here? Is it worth reaching out to Grey Guns for just a front post?

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    I'm in southern oregon, not sure of any good gunsmiths down in my neck of the woods either. The one guy I knew was meh at best and bad at worst. If anyone knows of some, please share, always good to know.

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    Not much in Portland. Cross the river to Vancouver and go to "Sporting Systems". They are HK guys. Also, Brimstone Gunsmithing located in the Safefire shooting range in Camas are one of the best smiths in the PNW. Go there and you can try them right after the install! Amazing food and drinks at the restaurant next door also.

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    Hello from Bend. There are a few here in central Oregon but @TooSixy is a great option. Cheers

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