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Thread: Pending Work with IGF - looking for other members

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    weird i got a "invoice cancelled" paypal email from jayson cotter last night ... no idea why, havent had anything with him in 4-5 years

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    I just wanted to chime in and wish luck to everyone here who has been affected by this unfortunate turn of events with Jayson. He did my 94 conversion back in 2007 or 2008 and the work was flawlesss, although I do recall that even back then his comms were spotty at times. Such a shame that he went out like this and it reminds me of Urbach’s demise back in the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnh View Post
    FWIW, Jason built a 53K for me back in 2012/2013.
    Start to finish it took ~9months (~3x longer than originally promised).
    I think he was swamped with work way back then...

    Jason's work was great, but the long delays, prodding, and poor communication
    were enough to keep me from sending some transferables to him for work...

    Hope things work out for everyone.
    Damn, I am sorry to be reading this thread. jayson re-did my HK MR556 upper, and even though it took eight months, the work was great. The work was first class, but my last communication with him was 2016 when I sent him The upper. He was having some legal problems then with a Tech customer over sending a AK SBR to California, but communication was actually pretty good and he responded within a few days. Jayson shorted (14.5”) and reprofiled the barrel to 416 specs, nitrided the barrel and gas block, pinned a AAC 51T flash hider, and re-stamped the barrel with HK markings. It came out awesome, glad I did it, but when I asked what the turnaround time would be to convert the upper and BCG to be able to shoot F/A, he said it would be awhile. I am glad I passed!
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    I am sorry to hear all this, and certainly hope the best for all who have outstanding firearms and parts.

    I guess I squeaked under the wire when Jayson repaired "The Black Pearl" after my squib load (WWB 115gr, but that's another story). In about 4 months, had it re-barreled and it's more accurate now than ever.

    Hope all works out and you get your stuff back, so frustrating to hear.
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    Hello. I just made an account tonite after reading your posts. I too sent IGF a g3 parts kit and paid him $1500 for build the rifle. I sent the parts back in April of 2017. I didn’t even know it had gotten this bad till I got a call from the deputies who were conducting the raid and found my parts kit with my contact information. I was hoping I could be included in the group email of other members who had their parts/money stolen from them. I was wondering what legal action you were taking & what the prosecuting DA said he could do for restitution for the victims. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornec View Post
    weird i got a "invoice cancelled" paypal email from jayson cotter last night ... no idea why, havent had anything with him in 4-5 years
    Got a similar PayPal invoice cancellation just last week for some work he had done for me in 2017-2018 time frame.

    Not sure why either.

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