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Thread: Pending Work with IGF - looking for other members

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    weird i got a "invoice cancelled" paypal email from jayson cotter last night ... no idea why, havent had anything with him in 4-5 years

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    I just wanted to chime in and wish luck to everyone here who has been affected by this unfortunate turn of events with Jayson. He did my 94 conversion back in 2007 or 2008 and the work was flawlesss, although I do recall that even back then his comms were spotty at times. Such a shame that he went out like this and it reminds me of Urbach’s demise back in the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnh View Post
    FWIW, Jason built a 53K for me back in 2012/2013.
    Start to finish it took ~9months (~3x longer than originally promised).
    I think he was swamped with work way back then...

    Jason's work was great, but the long delays, prodding, and poor communication
    were enough to keep me from sending some transferables to him for work...

    Hope things work out for everyone.
    Damn, I am sorry to be reading this thread. jayson re-did my HK MR556 upper, and even though it took eight months, the work was great. The work was first class, but my last communication with him was 2016 when I sent him The upper. He was having some legal problems then with a Tech customer over sending a AK SBR to California, but communication was actually pretty good and he responded within a few days. Jayson shorted (14.5”) and reprofiled the barrel to 416 specs, nitrided the barrel and gas block, pinned a AAC 51T flash hider, and re-stamped the barrel with HK markings. It came out awesome, glad I did it, but when I asked what the turnaround time would be to convert the upper and BCG to be able to shoot F/A, he said it would be awhile. I am glad I passed!
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    I am sorry to hear all this, and certainly hope the best for all who have outstanding firearms and parts.

    I guess I squeaked under the wire when Jayson repaired "The Black Pearl" after my squib load (WWB 115gr, but that's another story). In about 4 months, had it re-barreled and it's more accurate now than ever.

    Hope all works out and you get your stuff back, so frustrating to hear.
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    Hello. I just made an account tonite after reading your posts. I too sent IGF a g3 parts kit and paid him $1500 for build the rifle. I sent the parts back in April of 2017. I didn’t even know it had gotten this bad till I got a call from the deputies who were conducting the raid and found my parts kit with my contact information. I was hoping I could be included in the group email of other members who had their parts/money stolen from them. I was wondering what legal action you were taking & what the prosecuting DA said he could do for restitution for the victims. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornec View Post
    weird i got a "invoice cancelled" paypal email from jayson cotter last night ... no idea why, havent had anything with him in 4-5 years
    Got a similar PayPal invoice cancellation just last week for some work he had done for me in 2017-2018 time frame.

    Not sure why either.

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    Wow. Haven’t been on the board for a while so I’m extremely late to this whole thing. But I’m compelled to enter into record my experience with Jayson in December of 2017, which ultimately led to me not doing business with him. I value this forum and the guidance of members. I believe this will be of value to at least some of you.

    Long story short, I reached out in hopes of having him do a batch of work that would have run about $3,000. We traded an email and then just before I was about to send my pieces to him, I reached out one more time via email and got this response. I’m not going to say what I thought of it. Only that it convinced me to look elsewhere for my HK needs. If anything, I believe this speaks to the years of issues/excuses that have led to this month. His email is below:


    From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
    Sent: Monday, December 4, 2017 4:17 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Auto Reply 11/20 to 12/1 Case Dismissed, 416C Conversions, MR Shipping, & My Health

    This is an automated reply. Please do not reply to this message as we will lose our email chain discussing your project etc.

    I don’t get a chance to update the auto reply every week so if the dates listed are a week or two old that just means everything is basically the same in the shop.
    I’m moving the important stuff up to this point of the autoreply, items below the next few paragraphs are just standard info.

    Lots of stuff to report in this update!

    I've gotten a few MRs including my 416C completely remarked. I'll have photos of the 416C available soon. The pic below is an MR upper that was converted to 416 including the sear cutout area, reanodized, and then all the 416 markings were added. I also did the numbers in the rail section with the laser as well. The cost for the anodizing and restamping on the MR uppers is $350, the lowers are $400. The lighter and darker spots you can see are just areas that have oil on them, I should have wiped the whole upper down so the surface would have the same amount of oil all the way around. I took this photo quickly with my cell phone, I'll get some better photos of the 416C.


    First off for those that have been emailing me awhile you know I was frivolously sued by a customer in CA because he had shipped his SBR registered in UT to me from his address in CA. I had contacted my local ATF office they gave me a very reasonable solution that would keep him out of hot water and solve the problem, instead of doing that he sued me for $2.5million. Keep in mind I had not done any work on his firearm or taken any money from the customer, so this was not over some other issue, only the fact that I could not legally ship it back to him in CA. Fortunately, that suit was finally thrown out last month! I wish I felt better and had more time as I would pursue a counter suit against the guy. He basically cost me 6 weeks of time, quite a bit of money, and a whole lot of lost sleep!

    Some of you also know I moved 3 years ago and have been paying two mortgages plus having to do the upkeep on my old place, which is also stressful and cutting a mortgage check every month for a place you don’t live in feels about like the biggest waste of money possible! A nice couple had their house destroyed in Hurricane Harvey and have been living in a Motel since, they saw my place a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it, we close on it today (the 20th) I really loved that house and raised my kids there, but I am looking forward to not having a separate property that I am not using sold!

    Finally, as a lot of you know I have been having health problems pretty much all summer. I had not felt well, but didn’t realize how bad I was until Labor Day when I found myself on my couch, feeling pretty much helpless, and took my blood pressure and found it was 215/110 and there were times over the summer that I had felt much worse. Fortunately, a friend had told me to keep any eye on my blood pressure or I probably would have continued until I had a stroke.

    I’ve been telling everyone including you guys if you find yourself in an ongoing stressful situation please keep an eye on your blood pressure, its one those things you cant feel is wrong until it is often too late! I have a few customers that are Drs right now and they tell me they are seeing more and more guys with heart and health problems from stress.

    I have been sharing Dr visit horror stories with several of you guys so I know I am not alone here (no offense to my Dr customers, I know you guys are cool as you’ve expressed concern and offered to help me, some of your peers are not nearly as willing to help).

    So many of you guys have expressed true concern and offered to pray for me, I find it very uplifting and wish I had more time to express my true thanks for all the well wishes.

    Right now I am a little bit in limbo. Basically I started seeing my primary care physician and he just prescribed me one blood pressure med and then another. None of them really seemed to help and several had some pretty bad side effects on me. I ran into my ex wife shortly after I found out I had blood pressure problems and she could tell by looking at me I had something other than just high blood pressure going on. We have been divorced over a decade, but had 2 kids together and have stayed in touch and remain good friends. She is an RN and runs the office for a Dr that specializes in Hypertension, he ran several blood tests, X-rays, and different ultrasounds on me. I wont go too far into it, but he has some serious customer service problems, I had a 9:30 appt he didn’t see me until 4PM etc. Because my ex-wife runs his office she would text me so I didn’t get a ton of time wasted, but still I could tell I wasn’t going to get any real care from him and decided to discon
    tinue seeing him after my last visit.

    He did discover that I had an auto-immune disease that they labeled as Lupus, I sort of think based on what I’ve read Lupus is being used as a bit of a catch all for auto immune diseases right now. Technically I might not really have Lupus, but my immune system is definitely not functioning correctly.

    I pretty much feel every day like I am coming down with the flu, you know the night before you get it you are sore, have a whole body ache or dullness, and I often run a low grade fever 99 to 100 degrees. Honestly at one point this summer I just figured I had cancer, but the shop is so busy I didn’t have time to look into it so I just felt like if I waited long enough it would get bad enough I’d be able to figure out where it was. Not exactly the best way to handle health issues…

    This Dr also found through the ultra sounds and CT scans of my kidneys that I have an adrenal tumor. I really feel based on my symptoms this is my whole problem. Adrenal problems can cause auto-immune responses in the body which makes a lot of sense as well. So its possible I don’t have lupus, but do have an adrenal problem that is causing my body to have an auto immune like response.

    Basically I have just about every symptom of a benign adrenal tumor which are mostly high blood pressure, tremors, paleness, rapid heartbeat, headache, fatigue, muscle spasms, and excess sweating.

    On a personal level I will tell you the worst part about dealing with this is the anxiety. I have pretty much lived my whole life without much sympathy for someone that told me they had anxiety or panic attacks. I would tell them focus on the problem, put your head down, and get to work and the problem will solve itself. Then along came this summer and I tried to put my head down and get through a shop full of work and almost stroked out!

    With this adrenal gland problem I get bursts of adrenaline for no reason what so ever. I wasn’t really able to explain how it felt and the lady that did my echocardiogram had gone through the same thing and talking back and forth with her helped me explain the feeling in a way I think others could relate too.

    Basically, if you’ve ever seen a car wreck, or someone get hurt really bad your heart starts to race and you get the “what do I do?” feeling. Do I call 911, do I help this person, etc. Well when you get a burst of adrenaline for no reason, there is nothing to do, so the “what do I do” feelings turn to thoughts of panic and totally illogical panic. I am very much looking forward to getting this problem resolved, several of you guys have told me you have gone through the same thing and I will tell you if you’ve never been there it is absolutely one of the worst feelings you can have.

    Unfortunately, because people are abusing pain and anxiety meds it is very hard to get a prescription to help with the symptoms. I have no intention of staying on an anxiety med, I just want to get this tumor fixed and get back to normal, but in the meantime it would be nice to get something to help ease these symptoms.

    Since I have to get into a specialist for help the wait is pretty long, I will get to see an endocrinologist on Dec 6th which will be the start to getting this tumor resolved, but in the meantime I just have to knuckle down and bear with the symptoms. My wife is also working on getting me into the Mayo Clinic as they have a very good record of treating adrenal tumors. I’m fortunate in that this is mainly a discomfort thing, I am able to work normally, I just don’t feel real great.

    Getting back to work related news:

    MRs have been back from nitride for about a week, I’ve been shipping a couple uppers a day since they got back. Basically I have half the shop with Hk builds going on and MRs in the other half so I’m having to split time between the two to keep them both moving forward. I believe I’ll have all the MRs out this week before Thanksgiving there are just a few left.

    Also this week I am doing custom MR barrel machining, mostly 416Cs, but I also bought blanks long enough to do a few 10.4s and 14.5s as I’ve had several customers requesting those over the last few months.

    I do have one Krieger blank left that is Chromoly 1 in 6.5 twist. I figured I could probably do a 10.4, 14.5, or 16” barrel with it. If someone really wants a tack driver setup for their MR I believe it is long enough to do in 18”. The Krieger blanks are pretty expensive, if you think this is something you’d be interested in shoot me a message and I’ll get you a quote for a barrel made to your specs with this blank.

    I am now offering services for converting MR556s to 416Cs.
    The introductory cost for the 416C upper conversion will be $795. That includes a 416C barrel made on my HAAS from a quality barrel blank (1 in 7 twist, stainless or chromoly) and nitrided, that barrel installed into customer’s existing barrel extension (Hk extensions are available for around $100 if you would rather keep your stock barrel in its factory configuration), Titanium 416C gas piston, and modification to operating rod

    These barrels will also have the 416 barrel markings laser engraved on them, included in the $795 price. http://www.investmentgradefirearms.c...Markings-1.jpg

    Customer would need a short forearm to complete the upper conversion. I have found the ones sells for $199 to be excellent forearms and will work fine for completing your conversion.

    Just as an interesting note I noticed the 416C Hk had at the shot show a few years ago sported a shortened 416 forearm you can tell by seeing where it was cut through the vent slot at the front

    I’ll also offer restamping the uppers and lowers to replicate the factory 416/416D/416C etc markings.
    I have my 416C anodized and ready to engrave, I’ll try to post a photo of it before the engraving goes on to show the anodizing.

    Replicating the factory MR/416 anodizing is a little tougher than normal anodizing. The Hk anodizing has a mild sheen and slickness to it. It is not a true hardcoat andozing, but it is as close as it could get and still be black. I tried actual hardcoat andozing on an Hk forearm that I had and the aluminum Hk used comes out a fairly dark gray that would not accept dye made specifically for hardcoat. It’s also common knowledge in the industry that hardcoat anodizing is typically not dyed. The type of anodizing Hk used is often referred to a type “2 ½” where basically it is a very light gray, fairly thick, before being dyed.
    I also had to implement PTFE treatment, Nickle Acetate Sealing, as well as a very light etch before anodizing to get that slight sheen the Hk anodizing has.

    Once I’ve got the engraving done I’ll add a 416C services page to the website and will have complete photos of the 416C that I’ve converted. I also picked up an Hk PDW stock to replace the Troy stock I was using. Once we get it done I’m going to try to find the time to do a video of it running on a few 3 gun type stages so guys will get an idea of how it operates.

    If you are looking for 416 parts and 416C stocks my contact in Finland was able to legally import them and they are now available for sale on Gunbroker, sold out of Washington State so you don’t have to worry about international shipping etc.

    I’ve got plenty of the new MR titanium barrel nuts in stock. The barrel nuts are available for $195 and I have Titanium Gas Pistons for $95. I also made a specific barrel nut for guys that have Geiselle forearms that are very tight on the factory nut as well as a Keymod specific barrel nut that will eliminate the gap between the receiver and keymod forearm. I hope to have photos of all those up on the website soon as time permits.


    Gas Piston on Lathe
    I also made some double ringed gas pistons for guys that have problems with short stroking that the MR762 is sometimes known for. Basically the extra set of rings helps seal off and prevent blowback and turn that blowback into cyclic action. It made a major improvement on the relatively low cyclic powered 300 BO guns. I’ll have photos and more info about them soon.

    Still working on Hk builds from receivers but am close to having those finished up, then its onto PSG/MSG builds, hopefully start those within the next month. It’s a little hard to predict as some builds go quickly and others need special attention which can really eat up a week’s worth of work in a hurry.

    Everything below is from previous auto replies:

    I worked on Kid Rock's MP5 about 5 years ago. Put a new barrel in it, paddle mag, and refinish. Kid Rock released a new video last week for his single Po-Dunk with that same MP5. You can see it about 2 minutes in when a girl in daisy dukes is shooting it and again later in video you can see Kid Rock shooting it in the rain.

    I wont be answering emails on Wednesdays, instead I'll use the time to work on getting smaller projects finished up in the shop. I typically get the least amount of emails on Wed.
    I'm up to 140 serialized firearms in the shop, about 40 MRs, and approx another 30 builds from flats. That all adds up to servicing about 200 customers and I probably get about 4 inquiries for every customer that actually sends in a firearm. That ends up being a lot of email to answer, so please understand if your question is pretty simple and didnt get an answer yet, that just means I havent had a chance to get you an answer. It doesnt mean there is a problem with your project, that I am ignoring you, or anything else. Most guys understand that, but I typically have about 12 guys that freak out if they dont get a reply the same day.

    The problem is basically I cant answer emails and get gun work done at the same time, so there comes a point every day where I have to leave emails unanswered. If you are looking for an update and haven’t gotten a reply that just means everything is the same as the last email you got a reply to.

    In an effort to get caught up I cut back on the firearms that I will accept for work. I stopped taking in AKs, FALs, and Galils. Right now I am only accepting Hk work and some of it is limited.

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    OMG this is big news for me.

    Jayson has my complete MR556. It was supposed to be completely converted to a HK416 14.5 w/pinned Surefire FS. Barrel shortened to (14.5”), reprofile the barrel to 416 specs, nitrided the barrel and gas block, re-stamped HK markings. Plus converting the lower receiver over to a 416 as well.

    Is it too late to file a complaint? Is my stuff gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KTMmx226 View Post
    OMG this is big news for me.

    Jayson has my complete MR556. It was supposed to be completely converted to a HK416 14.5 w/pinned Surefire FS. Barrel shortened to (14.5”), reprofile the barrel to 416 specs, nitrided the barrel and gas block, re-stamped HK markings. Plus converting the lower receiver over to a 416 as well.

    Is it too late to file a complaint? Is my stuff gone?
    Quickly call that Sheriff's office, explain your situation, and see what they say. Have your lower serial# as that's a traceable/identifiable part they may have in their possession by now. There is a news article somewhere back in this thread showing the Police with a big van pulled up to recover all the property. Yours was probably in there. The police contact info is in this thread not too far back. Good luck.
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